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Deja Vu Blogfest - Character Interview - FREE eBook

As both a writer and a reader, one of my favorite author features is a character interview. I love learning more about the characters in the books I read. Today I'm featuring a character interview by two characters from my novel, Tortured Souls. Kacie Ramsey is the main character. She is interviewing Logan Finley, her romantic interest and all around great guy. This interview first appeared in August as a "Characters Welcome" feature.

On a side note, Tortured Souls is still FREE on Amazon through the end of today (12/19/14). Be sure to get your copy before it's too late!

Kacie Ramsey's Interview of Logan Finley

Hi! My name is Kacie Ramsey. Kimber Leigh told my story in Tortured Souls. Since I was kind of the star in that book, I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Logan Finley. He's my rock in Tortured Souls and in life (lately anyway). As I become more involved with the Orion Circle, he keeps me from becoming completely lost. He's also responsible for my training.

See, the Orion Circle is more than just ghost hunts. I'm learning Tae Kwon Do on a rather intense schedule—one year to black belt. Crazy, huh! Weapons training is also a must. Wooden stakes are so 1700's. I chose silver daggers. They work on vampires and werewolves. Yep the myths are true, werewolves are weak against silver. With vampires, destroy the heart or separate the head from the body and they're toast. A sharp dagger works better than a wooden stake—though I've only practiced on a dummy.

K: Thanks for agreeing to the interview, Logan.
L: Anything for you, Kacie.

K: You're a physical medium like me. Tell our audience what that is, exactly.
L: On the most basic level, I can see, hear, and communicate with ghosts.

K: What do the ghosts look like?
L: Well that depends on how powerful the spirit is, and how they wish to be perceived. The newly dead tend to appear in their death state, as a translucent image. I think it takes a while for a ghost to realize that they're capable of changing their appearance. Residual spirit energy normally appears as wispy, silver images. Every once in a while I come across a spirit powerful enough to manifest so thoroughly that they appear human.

K: How old were you when you saw your first ghost?
L: I don't remember, but my mom said I was babbling at the spirits when I was still a baby.

K: Your mom and dad are both clairvoyant as well. What are their abilities?
L: My mom is a sensitive, which means she can feel energy and emotions around her. Even if she can't see a spirit, she can feel its presence through the energy. She's also a Wiccan high-priestess descended from a long line of witches. Mom has a natural affinity with plants. They speak to her, and she instinctively knows how to mix the most amazing potions. My dad is a physical medium and prolific author.

K: You have another psychic ability you tend to keep a secret. Will you share?
L: As you know, I'm nowhere near as strong a physical medium as you are, Kacie. I believe it's because I possess a second ability that pulls on my energy. I have little control over this ability, which I find infinitely annoying.

K: It's nothing to be ashamed of. I think it's really cool!
L: Fine… I'm a diviner. I have visions of the future, sometimes just by brushing up against someone. I never know when it's going to happen. Not to mention, the visions aren't always clear. Remember when I had that one about you when we were at The King's Ransom Inn. I knew you were in trouble but had no clue why or how to help. I hate feeling helpless.

K: You have an awesome car— a Mustang Shelby GT500 that sports an equally impressive price sticker. Tell us how you managed to snag that car.
L: I tell fortunes…

K: What was that? I couldn't hear you.
L: I read Tarot cards for the rich and famous. My client list is secret, so don't bother asking.

K: Are your predictions accurate?
L: Yes… almost always. I seem to be skilled at channeling my divining ability through Tarot cards.

K: Will you do a reading for me?
L: What, now??

K: Yep.
L: Fine. But with your ability to attract trouble, I don't know if this is a good idea. Do you have a deck… of course you do. Okay, normally I use a Celtic Cross layout, but I want to make this quick, so we'll use the 3-2-1 spread. I'm going to shuffle these nine times, then you'll pick six.

K: Okay, now what?
L: The three cards at the top set the scene, where you are now. So this is all normal… you're content with the present, but feeling anxious about the future. There is also a hint of indecision.

K: So that's good?
L: Does it sound like you right now?

K: It sounds like everyone at our high school, Logan.
L: Hmm. These next two cards represent the near future—where you're heading. This isn't as good. I see strife and hard work. Looks like we'll snag a case soon.

K: Par for the course. Next?
L: This last card is the projected outcome of the middle two cards. And this is… fine. The Tower card is perfectly fine.

K: You don't look like you think it's perfectly fine. What's wrong Logan?
L: You're going to start practicing your daggers an extra two days per week.

K: But that'll make it five days a week! When will I find the time?
L: You're also going to start training with Blake using regular steel daggers.

K: Logan, what did you see? You're scaring me! Why Blake?
L: He's a werewolf, and you need to learn to fight one. You need to get used to the speed… they move pretty fast in human form too.

K: Calm down! This Tarot card thing was a bad idea.
L: No it was a very good idea. I should've known with the fourth anniversary coming up.

K: Fourth anniversary of what? Logan, where are you going?
L: To talk to Blake and set up your training.

K: Logan it's just a Tower on the card. How bad could that be? Logan? It isn't even upside down. I thought upside down was bad…

Well, uh, thanks for joining me for the interview of Logan Finley. I guess it's over now since he just ran from the room. It looks like there's going to be excitement for the Orion Circle on the horizon. But werewolves… why did it have to be werewolves?


  1. I have to admit...this is the first time I've read a character interview -- and I thought it was awesome. What a unique way to stir interest in your book...or give those who've already read your book an easter egg. Thank you for re-sharing this! :)

    1. I love character interviews! Most have the author interviewing a character, but I think it's more fun to have the characters interview each other.

  2. omg I loved this. You have an amazing voice, and I loved meeting Kacie and Logan :)

  3. Very interesting character interview! What a great way to get into your character's head.

    Happy Deja Vu!

  4. Ha - the lead guy in my book is named Logan too :) Great interview! And I'll be sure to check out your book!

    1. I love the name Logan- it's one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I LOVE the idea of a character interview!! I really got a wonderful glimpse into your book and into the characters. Love how you put a face with the name too. Very unique and clever! I'm a day late getting to your post but it made me want to read your book so I'll be purchasing a copy. I love anything paranormal. I also have an interest in writing YA. Your voice is incredible. I like Kacie already! Hope you're having as much fun with the Deja Vu fest as much as I am. Happy Holidays.
    michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thanks so much! I love writing character interviews. I'm a huge paranormal fan too! I hope you enjoy the first Orion Circle novel :)

  6. Awesome interview! I love how you had Kacie interview Logan, and how the tarot card reading hinted at the danger approaching—very skillful! :) Great to meet you through this bloghop!

  7. Hi, catching up with the linky-list :) I loved this interview idea :) Plus I also love supernatural books so maybe I am a bit biased! x

    1. Thanks! I have a major soft spot for supernatural books too :)

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