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Taking Chances by Rita & T.J. Webb - Review & Giveaway

Taking Chances
Paranormal Investigators #3

Rita & T.J. Webb

New Adult Paranormal Romance
January 7, 2015

Amazon | Goodreads

How far would you go to save a friend?

People are going missing in Kodiak, Alaska.

The evidence: bloody bear prints larger than any bear Jason or Emma have ever seen and black ooze that can eat the flesh from bones.

Bears don’t wander into busy shopping districts, turn off security alarms, and break into stores. When Emma’s friend goes missing, Jason and Emma realize the cops aren’t up to handling the situation.

Something’s wrong in the paranormal world. Can Jason and Emma fix things before someone else gets hurt?

My Review: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

First off, I'd like to say that Playing Hooky is a great introduction to the Paranormal Investigators series. This novella can be downloaded free from the authors' website. I love the imagination that comes through on every page of this series. So many mythological and supernatural creatures all hidden from the human world in Alaska-- I always thought strange things went on during those long winters!

I love main character Emma. She's strong, intelligent, feisty, everything I look for in a friend. Not only that, she's completely open-minded when introduced to the paranormal world by best friend Jason. Oh, and I love the purple hair courtesy of a spell-challenged elf.

Taking Chances is darker than Playing Hooky. Girls are disappearing from Emma and Jason's hometown, and the culprit doesn't appear to be human. Tempers and fear run high as the local police attempt to investigate something they can't comprehend. Knowing the police are in over their heads, Emma and Jason decide to conduct their own investigation.

I enjoyed the switching POV between Emma and Jason. I'm also glad the authors didn't drag out the romantic tension for too long... it was rather obvious these two best friends should be together. There was a lot of suspense as Jason begins to learn more about his background and who he really is. Overall, I really enjoyed this paranormal story, really liked the myriad of intriguing characters and the interesting plot. If you like urban fantasy, this is definitely a series worth checking out.

About the Authors

Our adventure started with a camping trip and a bottle of whiskey. Apparently Rita is a scary monster, and TJ needed liquid courage to give her that first kiss.

When not fighting over who gets to read our favorite books first, we’re swapping kisses, plot ideas, and movie quotes in the kitchen.

Together, we home-school our three girls, who keep us busy with art, science projects, books to read, dance classes, and walks about the park.

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Hearts & Kisses - Romance Anthology - Giveaway

Hearts & Kisses
Sophia Knightly, Ginny Baird, Mimi Barbour,
Mel Curtis, Donna Fasano, Mona Risk,
Helen Scott Taylor, Ari Thatcher,  Patrice Wilton,
Traci Hall, Anna J. Stewart, and Jackie Weger

Contemporary/Holiday Romance
February 10, 2015

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, twelve New York Times, USA Today, National bestselling and award-winning authors deliver a dozen contemporary romance novels and novellas packed with drama, suspense, love and laughter. From the Highlands of Scotland to the Hollywood hills, twelve strong heroines meet twelve hot heroes in tales that span the globe. Whether you crave big-city adventure or small-town romance, second chance stories, or sexy single dads...this outstanding collection holds something special for you. Come be our Valentine, and snuggle up with these sweet and steamy romances, perfect for reading on a chilly winter’s eve. Happy ever afters guaranteed.

Heart Tamer (Heartthrob Series Novella)
by Sophia Knightly, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Fashion designer Kate Hayes must somehow convince her estranged ex-husband, Alec MacLeod, to agree to an unusual request. In this fiery second chance at love, whose heart will be tamed?

The Sometime Bride
by Ginny Baird, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Carrie St. John is done with wedding disasters. Third time’s the charm? A jilted bride and a ditched bachelor cut a “fake fiancé” deal.

The Surrogate’s Secret
by Mimi Barbour, USA Today and National bestselling author

Confirmed bachelor, Miguel, forces his dead brother’s gorgeous, headstrong surrogate to marry him so he can take her and her twins to Chile to cheer his ailing mamita.

Breaking the Rules
by Mel Curtis, USA Today and National bestselling, award-winning author

The Gordon’s marriage has been an emotional rollercoaster, but Jack has the solution–lock them inside a safe room for a cool-down, which turns out to be hot.

Take Me, I’m Yours
by Donna Fasano, USA Today bestselling author

Sexy single dad Derek learned the hard way to never trust a beautiful woman. So although he is indebted to Lainey for thwarting a kidnapping attempt on his daughter, he isn’t about to offer her his heart on a silver platter!

Valentine Babies
by Mona Risk, USA Today and National bestselling author

Getting involved with fearless reporter, Roxanne, involves more complications than Dr. Greg has ever faced in the OR.

The Army Doctor’s Valentine’s Baby
by Helen Scott Taylor, USA Today and National bestselling author

An abandoned baby brings two lonely army doctors together.

The Rock Star’s Wedding
by Ari Thatcher, USA Today and National bestselling author

Kenzie’s vacation in St. Thomas heats up when her high school sweetheart and rock star heartthrob Chaz appears. If only he wasn’t there for his wedding.

Love Struck
by Patrice Wilton, USA Today bestselling author

With the “love bug myth” and discovery of gold, Serendipity Falls is no longer safe. Can Samantha and Kyle find a way to end this madness, or will they too be swept away by love?

Ambrosia by the Sea
by Traci Hall, National bestselling and award-winning author

After a bitter betrayal by her late husband, self-taught chef Celia Langdon moves to the sea, where dive shop owner Dax Smith dares her to heal from the heart.

Reading Between the Lines
by Anna J Stewart, National bestselling author

When Ethan Sutherland was in high school, he’d go to any lengths to hide his secret, including betraying the one girl who tried to help him. Now he’s back in town and hoping Cassidy Wells finds it in her heart to forgive him.

No Perfect Destiny
by Jackie Weger, National bestselling and award-winning author

Leah Spencer lives in the present until one sun-drenched day, her troubled past imperils the future and threatens all she holds dear.

Sophia Knightly
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sophia Knightly, loves to cook up hot romance and delicious humor in her feel-good stories. Whether it's romantic suspense, romantic comedy or chick lit, her books are fun and sexy contemporary romances that feature hot alpha heroes and strong, smart women.

Ginny Baird
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Ginny Baird has published novels in print and online and received screenplay options from Hollywood for her family and romantic comedy scripts. She writes touching, often humorous, contemporary romance about single women facing everyday challenges. Known for featuring holidays and family themes in her work, Ginny frequently portrays the struggles of single parents or others who've given up on finding true love.

Ginny has two ongoing novella series, The Holiday Brides Series (holiday romance) and The Summer Grooms Series (summer romance), as well as additional single titles available. She is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, a Top 10 Best Seller on Kindle, NOOK and iBooks, and a #1 Best Seller in several Romance and Women's Fiction categories. Visit Ginny's website at to learn more about her and her books.

Mimi Barbour
Mimi Barbour is an Amazon best-selling author who's sold over 500,000 copies of her books world-wide. Her five romance series: The Vicarage Bench/ time travel at it's best, Angels with Attitudes / angels love romance, Vegas / fast-paced plotting, Elvis / make a song a book and her newest, Undercover FBI / with sizzling conflicts and lots of humor.

Mimi's been heard to say: "I'm an author who loves to read uplifting stories about romance. Add in some time travel, or maybe an angel, or even a little romantic suspense and it makes the story more fascinating because of the incredible possibilities."

Melinda Curtis
Award winning, USA Today bestseller Melinda Curtis writes fun, steamy romances as Mel Curtis. Jayne Ann Krentz says of Blue Rules: “Sharp, sassy, modern version of a screwball comedy from Hollywood's Golden Age except a lot hotter.”  Melinda also writes sweet romances - the Harmony Valley series for Harlequin Heartwarming, and the sweet romantic comedy Bridesmaid series. Brenda Novak says: “Season of Change has found a place on my keeper shelf."

Donna Fasano
USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano is the author of over 30 romance and women's fiction titles. Her award-winning books have been described as "emotional," "heartwarming," and "simply wonderful!" Over the course of her 25 year career, she has sold 4 million books worldwide. BigAl from says, "Donna Fasano is a keen observer of human nature and creates characters that ring true to life."

Mona Risk
USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk, recently received an Outstanding Achiever Award from Affaire de Coeur Magazine. Her name has often been posted on the 100 Most Popular Authors in Romance list. She's a two time winner of Best Contemporary Romance of the Year from Readers Favorite; a winner of Best Romance Novel of the Year from Preditors & Editors Readers Poll; and an EPIC Award finalist.
Her contribution to Valentine Hearts and Kisses is Valentine Babies.

Helen Scott Taylor
USA Today bestselling author, Helen Scott Taylor, writes sweet contemporary romance set in the UK and Europe. Her contribution to Hearts & Kisses is The Army Doctor's Valentine's Baby, part of her Army Doctor's series.

Ari Thatcher
Ari Thatcher is the “naughty name” of USA Today Bestselling sweet romance author Aileen Fish. Ari has always loved sexy romance where love takes the leading role. Reviews have called her work “captivating” and “compelling”, and her characters “intelligent, intriguing and realistic.”

Patrice Wilton
Patrice Wilton is a USA Today and National best selling author of more than 20 books. Her best known series include The Candy Bar Series, Serendipity Falls series, and her returning war hero series, A HERO LIES WITHIN, HANDLE WITH CARE and AT FIRST SIGHT.

She lives in West Palm Beach with her retired PGA golf pro husband, and plays tennis and golf when she's not writing fun, sexy romance stories. She loves emails and will answer everyone the same day.

Traci Hall
With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres and boasting #1 bestseller status on, Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it's a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

Anna J. Stewart
National bestselling author Anna J. Stewart can't remember a time she didn't have a book in her hands or a story in her head. Early obsessions with Star Wars, Star Trek andWonder Woman set her on the path to creating fun, funny, and family centric romances with happy endings for her independent heroines for both Harlequin and Berkley. Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious Supernatural & Sherlock addiction, surrounds herself with friends and family, and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers (or perhaps it's Snickers who tolerates her). 

Jackie Weger
An internationally published author, Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. When not writing Jackie is traveling the good earth by foot, train, boat, plane, mule and pickup. Ports of call include London and Paris, Panama and Costa Rica during which she collects memories, friends, fans and experiences—all of  which often make appearances in her novels.

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Mysticism & Myths - A Paranormal Sampler - Excerpt

Mysticism & Myths
A Paranormal Sampler

Jaxx Summers, Abby L. Vandiver, Margo Bond Collins, Dormaine G., Perri Forrest, Karen Perkins

December 15, 2014

Amazon | Goodreads


Have you ever wondered about different myths of the world? These include the stories that so many cultures live by and the ones that of the best movies are based upon? You do know that these interesting concepts haven’t just appeared out thin air, right?

Introducing Mysticism & Myths, a sampler by six authors of varying genres. Each author has chosen a legend or culture from various regions, and embellished the details. Webs have been spun, and fantasies have been built in an effort to deliver to a collection that is sure to be entertaining.

The worlds captured in these stories are many! From ghosts and vampires to sea dwellers and shapeshifters, and even ancestral rebirths! There's something for everyone.
For detailed synopsis, please visit:


Bound By Blood (A Night Shift Novella)
By Margo Bond Collins
Sometimes the monsters in the night are real.
Sometimes they live right next door.
Isa: Gift of the Baloma
By Perri Forrest
Isa: Gift of the Baloma is a fantasy tale created from a myth that derives from the Trobriand islands (today officially known as the Kiriwina Islands).
Micco, Anguta's Reign
By Dormaine G.
Revelation can be a disheartening truth.
Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Story
By Karen Perkins
She’s back. This time no one is safe.
Carnem Levare
By Jaxx Summers
We are born, live and eventually leave the mortal world.
The Life Keeper
By Abby L. Vandiver
The bloodline of Romania, older than the legend of the vampire, the strigoi are vile, evil creatures who suck the life from the people of the villages that line the impenetrable forests of the country.


Bound by Blood by Margo Bond Collins

Oatmeal always makes me think apocalypse.

Not the kind of apocalypse I’m actually likely to witness, spread through droplets so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye, by germs so tiny that they might as well be science fiction to most people.

And not the kind we thought we were getting when the vampires showed up a few years ago—though something weird happened in Dallas recently, so the vampires have been hiding out for the last several months. No one knows why, for sure, but I know that the guys in the ER are thankful for the drop in neck traumas and exsanguination victims. And I was glad the hospital had a small isolation ward specially created to watch ex-sang victims overnight, just to be sure they didn’t turn. It made my job as a consultant for the CDC easier.

No, when I’m confronted with the prospect of oatmeal, I begin to think how useful it would be in a world where scavenging became the norm—like one of those zombie movies where people slide through grocery stores throwing food items into baskets, racing to gather as much as they can before the shambling horde attacks.

“I’m just saying.” I tucked a few strands of dark hair that had escaped my bun up under my scrub hat. 
“When the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits? Go for the oatmeal. It’s lightweight and nutritious, can be eaten alone or used to make easy-to-carry cakes, can even be eaten uncooked. It’s pretty much the perfect post-apocalyptic food.”

“That assumes,” Dr. Will Manning said as we scrubbed in at the sinks in the small anteroom that led into the isolation unit, “that either there is someone out there doing all the hard work of growing and then milling it—or whatever it is you do to oats that turns them into oatmeal—or that there are few enough people around that the stores are still chock-full of oatmeal packets, just ripe for the picking.” He wrapped the paper gown ties around behind him, criss-crossing them around his waist and tying them in the front.

“You’re missing the point,” I said, pulling a pair of sterile, blue, non-latex gloves out of the dispenser on the wall and snapping them on one at a time, checking to make sure they covered the wrists on the sleeves of my own white, paper gown.

“So what is the point?” He reached around me for his gloves.

“That it’s important to pay attention to how we can use the things around us.” My voice grew muffled as I tied on a surgical mask.

“So let me get this straight.” With his hip, he bumped the button that opened the door into the unit. “You’re in a hospital full of medical equipment”—he gestured in a circle over his head, taking in all of Houston General—”and you’re obsessing over the post-apocalyptic value of oatmeal?”


Publisher: Cultural Cocktails
Project Coordinator: Janice G. Ross

Collection Links

Contributing Authors

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Once Upon Two Kingdoms by Anna del C. Dye - Giveaway

Once Upon Two Kingdoms

Anna del C. Dye

YA Medieval Romance
February 5, 2015

Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Freedom to Choose is Paramount for any human.

An arrangement made when Elizabeth was just a babe ties her to someone she has never met, never spoken to, never loved. Now she desires freedom—a way to choose her own path—her own husband. The moment Elizabeth meets Patrick she knows he is her soul mate. But when you are bound to a crown how is any choice your own?

About the Author

Anna was born in the extreme South along some famous beaches. She grew up with four other siblings, being placed in the middle.

Anna moved to the USA to marry her husband Rodney, and has resided in Utah since then. Her husband, a native of Idaho, met her in her hometown. They fell in love and she came to Utah on Christmas Eve to be married two weeks later. They are the parents of three princes and a princess. Early on in her life she showed an affinity for sewing and took classes that have rewarded her with the opportunities of doing the costuming for the cast of four musicals, and Utah’s own Fantasy Con, which she enjoyed immensely. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Some of Anna’s writing recognitions: She received the Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry and had her article entitled A New American Motherpublished by Desert Saints Magazine. Her short story entitled Amerine—Fairy Princess won an award in a League of Utah Writers contest later to be published by Kalkion Magazine. (Now it has been published as an e-book.) Other articles about family and relationship have been published frequently in the MOMS CLUBÒ of Salt Lake Valley-West. She has published 7 books on her Elf series. Her and Rodney’s love story was published by Deseret book in the anthology entitled Angels Round About compiled by July C. Olsen. Another of her articles was included in the Anthology Mother’s Message in a Bottle, edited by Tyler Hayden and published by Nimbus Publishing.

Links to social media sites for the author

My website:

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The Green Muse by Jessie Prichard Hunter - Guest Post & Giveaway

Green Muse

Green Muse Cover
The Green Muse:
An Edouard Mas Novel

Jessie Prichard Hunter

February 3, 2015
Witness Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins  


In Belle Époque Paris, the morgue is the place to see and be seen … 

"This morning I was called upon to photograph the dead again." So begins the story of Edouard Mas, a photographer's assistant with a detective's soul. Edouard's job is to take pictures of corpses before they are carted off to the Paris Morgue. If the bodies are unidentified, they will be put behind glass for the whole city to view, in a morbid display of lost and found.

Edouard begins to come across more and more bodies stripped of their identification and laid out in methodical poses, and he knows he is dealing with those who dabble in art—the art of death. The morgue—their museum.

Edouard's investigation takes him from the sterile halls of La Salpêtrière to the opulent, smoke-filled soirees of high society, but he must do everything in his power to stop the artists of death, before they go after somebody he loves …

In exquisite prose—so vivid you can almost taste the absinthe and hear the rustling skirts of the Moulin Rouge showgirls—Hunter tells an unforgettable tale of murder and lust in the City of Light.   

Buy the Book

Guest Post by Jessie Prichard Hunter

What I Think of My Characters
Edouard Mas is the true Victorian gentleman without being saccharin or staid or the least bit dull. I love the way he faces his temptations, cares about the murder victims he photographs, is willing to let his work tell him the stories of the dead. His devotion to everything he loves in life is an inspiration to me.

When I first decided I wanted to create a star hysteric for the Hôpital Salpêtrière, she came to me as a fifteen-year-old girl named Augustine. I later made her seventeen, that being a more believable age for her to fall in love. Then I started my research in earnest—and discovered that the star hysteric of La Salpêtrière was a fifteen-year-old girl named Augustine! It was then that I knew I absolutely had to write this particular book.

Adelaide, a patient at La Salpêtrière and firm friend of Augustine, is a manic-depressive. When she is manic she is high-spirited and infectiously positive, and it is almost impossible to imagine that she could ever be down. Without her Augustine might not have been able to survive the atmosphere of the institution.

Dr. Charoct actually said more than 50% of the things I have him say in the book; and he really was quite terrifying. There is a lot of controversy about whether or how much he coached his hysterics; it is up to any author to decide that, as we will never know for certain.

Lucille, a lifelong patient at La Salpêtrière, is fearful, combative, and cannot speak. She is autistic. I did not clarify this is the book, but I have read a great deal about autism and how autistics have been treated throughout history. Up until rather recently they were generally institutionalized in childhood and remained so for life.

I have an autistic son. Raising an autistic is all-consuming; one reason I chose to write about fin de siècle France is that it was as far from autism as I could possibly get! But it seems I didn’t get away from it after all: I love Lucille, and her relationship with Augustine serves to show just what a good heart Augustine has.

Charles is very much a young man of his time and class. He is wealthy, playing at educating himself while indulging all that is worst in his character. He is spoiled, cruel, and, I hope, fascinating. He was already in love with death when he met V. Although he himself avers that he would never have actually killed without her, I’m not sure we can believe him.

I created V to be the great Victorian villainess. She is enigmatic to the point of not even having a name, and she is the only character in the book without a voice. She is, of course, a sociopath, having no real concept of love, living for power and pleasure alone. Charles thinks she loves him, but what she loves is that he kills for her. She has a great ability to mimic human emotions, convincing Augustine that she is her friend and cares only for her highest good. And yet at her cruelest she only shows how very strong Augustine can be.

Odette is the great sensualist, the succubus, the siren that sings men to their deaths. She enjoys corrupting innocent young men; her great complaint about Edouard is that he is that most boring of mortals, the incorruptible man! But there is something almost innocent in her overarching search for passion at all costs. And it cannot be denied that she is irresistible. Certainly she would not deny it!

I’m quite fond of Captain Bezier, even though he is a stock character, not in the least original. But I thought that he could be an entertaining counter-voice to Edouard, disagreeing with practically everything he says while carefully tucking away any information that might be useful to the investigation. And when it really matters he shows himself to be a good and loyal friend to Edouard.

About the Author

Jessie Prichard Hunter is the author of the psychological thriller Blood Music, forthcoming from Witness Impulse. She currently resides in New York's Hudson Valley with her husband and two children.


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Death Rejoices by AJ Aalto - Character Interview

Death Rejoices

AJ Aalto

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
April 30, 2013

Amazon | Goodreads

Marnie Baranuik is back, and this time, the Great White Shark of psychic investigations has “people skills” and a new assistant who seems to harbor an unhealthy curiosity about Harry, her revenant companion. Together, they’ve got a whole lot of questions that need answering. Is an ancient vampire hunting in Denver? Who is stalking Lord Dreppenstedt? How do you cure a slipper-humping bat, ditch an ogre, or give a demon king the slip? And what the hell was she thinking, swearing off cookies?

Teaming up with her sexual nemesis, Special Agent Mark Batten, and their long-suffering supervisor, Gary Chapel, Marnie discovers that vampire hunters aren’t easy to rescue, secrets don’t stay buried, and zombies sure are a pain in the ass to kill.

Character Interview

AJ: Hi, everyone! Today, I’m interviewing the main character of “Touched,” Marnie Baranuik, a forensic psychic with the FBI’s preternatural crimes unit. Thanks for being with us today, Marnie.
Marnie: Not like I had a choice. I’m stuck in your brain-goop.

AJ: Let’s start with an easy question. What’s your favourite food?
Marnie: Is caffeine a food?

AJ: No.
Marnie: It really should be. I guess I’d have to say low-fat tofu-and-sprout stir-fry with a side of yogurt…and a banana.

AJ: Really?
Marnie: Of course not, blockhead. I hardly ever eat anything that isn’t from the cookie family, though I do appreciate a good Cheez Doodle.

AJ: Tell us about your job.
Marnie: I worked as a psychometrist and clairempath (that’s a Groper-Feeler for those in the biz) for Gold-Drake & Cross, who also license and manage the twenty-five other registered forensic psychics in this country. I attempted to retire after I assisted on a disastrous case with the FBI—

AJ: During which, you slept with one of the lead investigators, Mark Batten.
Marnie: By accident!

AJ: Did Agent Batten trip and fall into your lady bits?
Marnie: Maybe he’s a clumsy agent? *far-off look, remembering* Not clumsy with his tongue, though…

AJ: Speaking of sex, what turns you on?
Marnie: The sound of a fresh package of batteries opening. Did I just over-share?

AJ: Let me rephrase: what turns you on about a person?
Marnie: I’m guessing if I say the word “dick,” that twitch in your right eye is going to get worse.

AJ: Fine, what are your turn-offs?
Marnie: I don’t prefer it when a man owns chickens.

AJ: Chickens.
Marnie: Yeah, like a farmer? Farmers work real early, and I don’t do mornings.

AJ: Is that all? Just not aroused by chicken farmers?
Marnie: I suppose all farmers get up early, so they won’t do. And guys on shift work. And shapeshifters, because I don’t like fleas. And I can’t date doctors, they don’t approve of my lifestyle. And you know what’s also annoying? Men who smirk…because really, what’s that about?

AJ: As I recall, Mark Batten smirks at you a lot.
Marnie: The jackass.

AJ: What’s the worst thing a friend could do to you?
Marnie: I really hate when a friend puts roofies in my tea and pushes me down the stairs and tries to feed me to a wrath demon. It’s something I almost never forgive.

AJ: How far would you go to defend your moral convictions?
Marnie: I have moral convictions?

AJ: Fine, how far would you go to defend the things you care about?
Marnie: If someone tried to hurt my Harry, I’d put my boot so far up their ass, they’d choke on the laces. Is that what you meant?

AJ: Tell me about Harry.
Marnie: Dark Lady, where do I start? You know if I don’t get it right, he’ll pout about it later. Well, Harry is Lord Guy Harrick Dreppenstedt, my revenant companion, what the layperson might still call a “vampire,” although that term is no longer politically correct. He’s British, he prefers the finer things in life, he doesn’t approve of my taste in anything at all, and he thinks he knows everything. Which he doesn’t.

AJ: And you live together?
Marnie: We are life partners, but not romantically involved. Though Harry is a doting companion, and generous with sweet talk and pet names, he is unable to feel love. This is the cost of immortality. I am not his wife or his girlfriend. I am his DaySitter, his mortal guardian, and have been since I was seventeen, when I inherited him after my Gramma Vi passed away. She was his former DaySitter.

AJ: Describe your relationship with Harry.
Marnie: I feed him and protect him while he’s at rest, and in return, he shares with me his psychic gifts and a regular dose of fussy, critical nonsense that I could really do without.

AJ: Could you?
Marnie: Yeah, I don’t need to hear that shit.

AJ: I meant could you live without Harry?
Marnie: Holy flaming twatwaffles, lady, that’s a terrible question. Whose idea was this interview, anyway? Do-over! I want a do-over!

AJ: Is that a no?
Marnie: Whatever happened to “what’s your favourite cartoon?” or “what famous person would you want to meet?” or “what’s your favourite sound?”

AJ: Okaaaaay, what’s your favourite sound?
Marnie: An apron being untied and the cloth slithering over jackboots on the way to the floor. What, too specific?

AJ: I give up. This has been an interview with Marnie Baranuik, professional forensic psychic and amateur dunce. Thanks for reading, folks!

About the Author

AJ Aalto is the author of the paranormal mystery series The Marnie Baranuik Files. Aalto is an unrepentant liar and a writer of  blathering nonsense offset by factual gore. When not working on her novels, you can find her singing Monty Python songs in the shower, eavesdropping on perfect strangers, stalking her eye doctor, or failing at one of her fruitless hobbies. Generally a fan of anyone with a passion for the ridiculous, she has a weak spot for smug pseudo-intellectuals and narcissistic jerks; readers will find her work littered with flawed monsters and oodles of snark.
AJ cannot say no to a Snickers bar and has been known to swallow her gum.