Shadow Fire

Shadow Fire

Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Amazon Best Seller
YA Fantasy/Romance

2/25/14 in ebook format
Published by: Clean Reads
Cover by: AM Design Studios

Ashlyn – a free-spirited teenager whose peaceful life is shattered when the village elders honor her with a perilous quest to recover a stolen relic.

Zane – a jaded mercenary, torn by his undeniable desire for Ashlyn and the dark secret that could make her hate him forever.
Delistaire – a malevolent sorcerer driven by an insatiable lust for power.
All three are bound together by an ancient relic supposedly infused with the power of a Goddess.
Shadow Fire - adventure, passion, secrets, and betrayal

As Ashlyn and Zane race to stay one step ahead of the evil lurking in the shadows, their passions are ignited and their bond strengthens. But will they find the relic before Delistaire? Or has their entire quest been orchestrated from the very beginning by a madman in pursuit of ultimate power?

Each installment of The Light Chronicles is a standalone story.


"This book contains monsters, magic, majestic creatures, and an evil guy that wants to destroy the world. If you love hot guys.....Zane is all that plus a few tricks up his sleeve. Just read it!" Venture ~Amazon Reviewer

"Shadow Fire has something for everyone: suspense, love, action, adventure…all woven together perfectly making this debut novel a winner." ~ BTS Book Reviews

"I thought the writing was strong; it had me turning the pages quickly to see what would happen next. The characters were engaging and the dialogue well-written." Lisa Temple ~ Author of Illuminating Gracie

"Oh, I truly loved this one! Shadow Fire, by Kimber Leigh Wheaton, is a snappy, sassy, sweet, all-that-kind-of-awesome-and-then-some YA read. I couldn't put it down." Sasha Hibbs ~ Author of Black Amaranth

“I have to say that this is one of the best books I've read this year… From a breathtaking cover to a Must Read story. This is one book you won't put down!” ~ Crossroad Reviews

"It is a beautiful love story surrounded by mystery, adventure, and magic." Christy ~ Amazon Reviewer

Favorite Quotes

The villagers will be awaiting my return, skulking in the shadows, desperate to catch a glimpse of the walking dead girl. ~Ashlyn

After all, love conquers nothing but fools. ~Delistaire

Perhaps you shouldn’t have chased the poor pirate all over the ship shooting light daggers at him. ~Zane

How would you like a tour of this grand vessel, my angelic beauty? I’ll show you my favorite trysting spots. ~Taranis



Three Things You Didn't Know About Shadow Fire

1) Shadow Fire started out as a "Choose Your Fate" novel. In the beginning Ashlyn got to choose between two wickedly hot mercenaries to escort her on her quest. As the story progressed, I had so much sadistic fun torturing and killing the characters in creative ways. But once the manuscript reached 180,000 words and had so many convoluted plot lines it looked like an inner city road map, I had to scrap the idea. But don't worry—the sexy mercenary I dropped from Shadow Fire has a starring role in the second book, Stolen Moon coming August 2014.

2) I started writing Shadow Fire several months before the hype about The Hunger Games began. After reading the book and seeing the movie, I worried readers might think Ashlyn was too similar to Katniss. I decided to rewrite Ashlyn's background and took away her years of hunting, along with her amazing archery skills. But that was such an integral part of who Ashlyn was, and the story fell flat without it. So I went back to the original. Really, archery skills and determination are the only things Katniss and Ashlyn have in common.

3) The pirate, Taranis, was not in the original outline or planned in any way. Frankly I don't know what happened. The fool popped into my head one day and wouldn't shut up. I ended up writing him in about two thirds of the way through the novel. In the end, he turned out to be one of my favorite characters. He will star in the Light Chronicles 1.5 and will have a featured role in Light Chronicles 3.

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