Bitter Envy

Bitter Envy book one in the Enchanted Underworld series!

Scarlet Angel-- Assassin, inquisitor, and bane to shifter existence

Five years ago, my parents sold me to dark shifter lord Uriah Amstead in exchange for a house and a monthly stipend. He took my light magic powers, developed them, warping the light into something darker through means that would make a hardened criminal flinch.

Born an enchantress, I wield the light magic that is a natural constraint to shifter dark magic. But now I use my powers to help Uriah grow his criminal empire. I torture shifters with my light magic, and sometimes I’m forced to kill. Those who think it’s a choice don’t understand the atrocities that Uriah would commit to keep me in line. I always choose the lesser of evils. But even that doesn’t sit well with my conscience.

The faces of my victims haunt me every night. I’ve always coped by knowing the shifters I tortured and killed were evil people who thought they were above the law. Now Uriah has taken even that small comfort from me. Through his orders, I tortured and killed an innocent man. Sure I thought the man guilty at the time, but the damage is done.

In the shifter underworld of sunny San Diego, it can be hard to know who to trust. But I have to take a chance… because this time Uriah has gone too far.

I am Envy Davis, the Scarlet Angel, and I am through being a pawn.