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Blog Tour: The Gifted Trilogy by Erin Manbeck - Excerpt, Interview & Giveaway

The Gifted Trilogy
Erin Manbeck

Gift of Sight
Gifted Trilogy #1


Feisty, smart mouth Regan thought that breaking up with her boyfriend Sam was going to be the start of her independence.  Instead, she is manipulated and dragged into a world where sharp, sarcastic wit isn't going to save her.  Turning to her Gram for help, the only remaining relative she has, Regan is upset to find out that her grandmother has been keeping family secrets of her own all these years.

With a vengeful goddess using people to try and bring Regan to the Underworld, Gram brings in three Guardians to protect her.  Given the short version of what is expected of her, loaded with a lot of expectations for her future, Regan knows first-hand that life is too short.  She isn't letting anyone make life-altering decisions for her despite finding out that the vengeful goddess has placed a price on her head.

This book will make you laugh, feel connected to the characters, and leave you wanting more.

Warning: Adult language and sexual situations.

Gift of Power
Gifted Trilogy #2

Power equals responsibility.

Despite declaring to those closest to her that she will take her position as Queen, Regan’s first priority is not to rule, but to find her parents.  With Jake at her side, she is determined to learn how to use her new powers and hide from her destiny, as well as the Council, a little while longer.

Unfortunately, someone has been watching and reporting every move Regan makes.  She is disheartened to find out the Council is already eagerly awaiting her arrival in Ireland and have apparently started to plan her future…one that does not include Jake.

Regan must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to protect her people from a vengeful goddess, while also weeding out the traitor among them.  In the end, will she have the strength to withstand losing any of them?

Gift of Prophecy
Gifted Trilogy #3

Regan’s arrival in Ireland may have heightened her powers, but it has also given Agrona and her minions more cause to make sure she never makes it to her coronation.  With every attack and the harsh welcome she receives from the council, Regan is more determined than ever to prove why the deities have chosen her to be the Queen.

Although, part of her has accepted that she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice, it isn't until Regan finds herself in the Otherworld being handed over to Agrona that the reality hits her.  Will Jake and her family survive without her?

Excerpt from Gift of Sight

Sam’s response was to hit Regan in the face again, but this time on the opposite side.  “Isn’t it simple, Regan?  I want you and that smart mouth to come with me.”

Through the tears that had started to fall down her face, she replied, “So you plan on beating me into submission?  I don’t work that way you know that.  Besides, what real man hits a girl?”

Regan, SHUT UP!

Is what she thought, but it was too late.  Sam punched the side of her head, which caught both her temple and part of her eye.  She instantly saw stars and could feel the blood trickling down the side of her face.

Damn it!  I think he just split my eye.  He’s got gorilla hands.  How have I never noticed those huge man hands?

Then, like a light had switched on in Sam’s head, he gently started to run his hand down the side of her face.  “I can’t wait for the black eyes to appear on your lovely face.  They will have to temporarily take the place of those dark circles I’d gotten so used to seeing.  What happened to those eyes, Regan?  Your trademark circles seemed to have disappeared over night.  Is it because you slept with that dog?  I expected so much more from you, Sweetie.”

“No, nothing happened, Sam.  Please stop hitting me.  You are wasting your time.  I made my decision.  I don’t want to be with you and I won’t be going back with Gram and the rest of them.  They bound my powers so I can stay here and be normal.  Please just let me go.”

“You’re lying!”

Interview with Erin Manbeck

Tell us about your main character. Who is Regan?
Regan is part of me, except I don’t have powers or the super-hot body, but her character is mostly a version of myself.  She doesn’t let others make decisions for her, she gets out front and makes them, taking charge.  Regan is faithful to her friends and family, and once you are in her circle, you’ve earned her respect and she would do anything for you.  Regan might be young and trying to keep her life simple, but she is destined for so much more.  Despite her ability to butcher common everyday sayings and her easy way of dropping the F bomb often, she is strong, smart, quick witted, and will face the challenges straight on that are forced upon her throughout the trilogy.  She’s never been a crier or very emotional, but you get to see a softer side of her come out as the story progresses.

Are any of your characters inspired by people in your life, past or present?
Pretty much all my characters are based on people I know.  The dialogue that will have you laughing that takes place between Regan, Piper, and Maggie is on the same lines of what I have with my Best Friends Jeni and Keri.  They too wish they had the bodies of their characters, but we all swore if they ever wanted to make this into a movie…we would hire a trainer and maybe get a little work done to look younger.  Okay, I volunteered for the work to be done, but I’m sure they would be on board.
I almost had to take the books away from my mother, who finally got past the language, because she kept asking me if she was Gram in the book.  I had to tell her to keep reading and she would figure out who she was.  When she finally did…she got to keep her books because she was happy.

Do you listen to music while writing? Is so, what music inspired The Gifted Trilogy?
I listen to music all the time.  Either at work or in the car, when I hear a song that makes me think of my writing, I make a note of it.  Here is a link to YouTube where you will find my playlists for all three books.  I made a trailer for the first book and I’m in the process of doing the same for the rest.  I just need to find the time.  I don’t have a specific taste in music…I love it all.  I grew up listening to the oldies in the car with my parents and falling asleep with POP or techno on my headphones as a teen.  Moving to the south, I was introduced to country, which I’m having a bit of an issue with, but if I like a song…I just do.  Jeni and Keri introduce me to a lot of that.  Hard Rock speaks for itself.  Nothing like blasting Disturbed while you’re on a road trip.

How did it feel when you finished writing the trilogy? Was it hard to let go of your characters?
I cried at one point and as I mentioned earlier, I’m not a crier.  My hands were actually shaking when I hit the submit button on Amazon.  It was thrilling, scary, and I felt accomplished.  I was determined to write this book, not realizing it would turn into a trilogy, and couldn’t help the sense of relief when it ended.  The feeling was short lived because I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and what I could do with them next.  Instead, I decided to start something new and see where that would bring
me.  August 18th a released a YA paranormal suspense called Dreamless.  It is a stand-alone book, but I have already written the prologue for the next book because I’m going to try and turn it into a series.

Who is your favorite character in the trilogy?
My favorite would be Regan because it’s me.  Pretty much all my characters represent real people in my life, so I will choose myself.  I’m not looking to hurt my mother’s feelings when I don’t choose her.  I mean if I didn’t choose her.  I mean her character, Veronica, is my favorite.  Love you, Mom!

Describe your writing routine? What do you have to have nearby in order to get into the zone?
I pretty much have to wait until my son and husband are asleep, and then I grab a Diet Pepsi and my laptop.  My dog Jackpot usually lays at my feet as I sit in my husband’s Philly chair and type away.  All I need to get into my zone is piece and quite.  I tried so many times to write a little while my husband and son were awake, but every time I found myself in a groove, I was interrupted.  I would stop what I was doing to help my five year old and normally tell my husband to Google what he was looking for, but by time I got back to writing, it was like starting all over.  I’m nocturnal, so when I start writing a book I try my best to knock out a chapter a night and get in bed before 1am.  I don’t write every night but the nights I do, that’s how I do it.  I have the worst sleeping habits, but luckily, I work with people who continue to keep the coffee pot filled.

What’s the hardest challenge you face as an author?
Getting the word out about my book is the first.  Then it’s keeping up with my blog, website, Facebook, twitter, and every other social media outlet.  Finally, it’s getting people to write reviews.  So many bloggers are already bogged down with requests, that it’s almost impossible to find someone who has the time to do it.  I did make the mistake of answering a request on a social site from someone who said they would be willing to do a review for me.  I should have done my research first, which I will in the future.  If the person doesn’t read your genre and prefers books on history and such, of course you should expect a bad review.  I felt sort of used, but it’s one of many lessons I’ve learned since I started.  If the review is bad and it is coming from someone who actually prefers the genre I write, I can respect that.  Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but don’t use me.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
If I’m not working, I’m trying to spend as much time with my family as possible.  I absolutely love to read, so when I finished “Dreamless” it was time to play catch up on the books I missed.  Again, as the rest of the house is asleep, I’m reading.  I’m only a couple books shy from hitting my goal of 50 books read this year and I already have the books selected, so bring it on.

What were your favorite books as a child?
You’re probably going to hate me, but I did not like to read much as a child.  I only read when school book reports were due and it was usually what the teacher chose.  I spent most of my childhood outside, playing soccer usually.  I didn’t start reading for myself until a few years ago and I couldn’t stop.  I love escaping into new worlds and reading about my new book boyfriends.

Is there anything you’d like your readers to know about you or your writing?
Here is something no one else knows.  When I started the second book, Gift of Power, it started out very angry and hateful.  My beta readers were a little surprised by the turn I took.  When I reread what I had, I found myself laughing hysterically.  You see, I had quit smoking at the time I started writing the book and apparently took my frustrations out on my writing.  Not a very smart move at all, double the work in the end because I had to find my happy place once again.

Do you have any advice for new writers just entering the shark infested waters?
Do your research and always have your book edited by someone who is legit.  You want reviewers who enjoy your genre and you want editors who will take the time to do it right.  You can’t take it all on yourself.  Unless you are a grammar Nazi and are perfect, you will never find the mistakes in your own book that are blatantly obvious to others.  I have read my books probably a hundred times and each time I found something new that I forgot, and that was before I handed it over to the editor who then found the other million things I didn’t see.  I suggest you analyze your tolerance of patience before you submit your work, because if you are expecting to be an overnight success and don’t get it, you will want to quit and that’s not the answer.  Keep pushing and find those bloggers who read your genre and offer promotional ads.  They help and it’s a start.  Self-promotion is hard, but there are professionals out there that will help you and they don’t cost as much as you think they do.  It will cost you some money out of your pocket if you’re an independent author, but if you do it right, you will make it up in sales, hopefully.

 About the Author

I’m an author in hiding…I still work full time, but don’t ever look over my shoulder to see what’s on my computer screen.  Chances are you will find me secretly writing.

Besides family and friends, I love to laugh.  It may be at the expense of those I love, but they get me, so I usually don’t offend too much.

Honesty…I can’t help it.  I usually say way I feel, but with a little guidance, I’ve learned to be more tactful.

I’ve worked in plenty of environments (trucking company, correction officer and I was in the military to mention a few) so I guess you can say that’s where my mouth and attitude come from.  Either way, as long as I get my morning cup of coffee people are safe.

The Trilogy is complete and I also have a new stand-alone book called “Dreamless”.  It’s a Paranormal Suspense that’s a bit lighter on the language, but will keep you guessing who the Nightmare really is.


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Scared of Things that Go Bump in the Night??

Always on Call
The Orion Circle

With Halloween just around the corner, focus turns to the things that go bump in the night. Many believe that the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is at its thinnest on October 31. I could go on and on about Halloween traditions and how they were designed to confuse the spirits who crossed that veil. Fear has always played an enormous role in human civilization. Sometimes it amazes me that some of the things scaring us now are the same as those which plagued our ancestors centuries ago. It takes nothing more than a quick look through the Orion Circle archives to realize just how similar we are to our forefathers.

The Orion Circle was established in the year 1633 in the British Colonies in the New World. Their original purpose was to hunt down and destroy anything paranormal. Mainstream belief back then was that the paranormal was an affront to God… thou shalt not suffer a witch to live and all that. Most members were prominent Church officials and townsfolk. Back then the main paranormal worry was witchcraft. Anyone with special or odd abilities was under constant surveillance. After the Salem witch trials, the Orion Circle disbandedcompletely disillusioned, having been a major influence in the deaths of innocents.

Then something intriguing happened. Members of the supernatural community picked up the moniker, using it for their own organization. What better way for witches and wizards to hide than behind the banner used to persecute them? As time progressed, so did science and over time, society became ‘enlightened’. Belief in the paranormal faded until it became nothing but a flight of fancy at best, or in more cases, insanity. From the late 1800s through the mid-twentieth century, Orion Circle members spent more time helping people with paranormal abilities escape from insane asylums than any actual investigations. The one exception was the rise of the spiritualist movement which provided a cover for some of the supernaturally afflicted around the turn of the century.

During this time, the USA was expanding at an astronomical rate. Towns cropped up overnight in areas previously devoid of human existence. This drove the supernatural creatures farther away resulting in fewer sightings, which led to eventual myth status for these creatures. The smart ones learned to adapt and flourish in human society. Those unable to pass as human hid in the national parks. I doubt the government realized what an incredible service they provided to the supernatural community with the inception of the national park system.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the Orion Circle was finally able to function in the capacity its supernatural founders intended: Investigation into the paranormal. This research continues to this day. Doctors, scientists, and philosophers call the Orion Circle home. They study and ponder the origins of paranormal creatures. What turns someone into a ghost? Why are there so few considering the number of dead people throughout the ages? Are zombies corpses re-animated through voodoo magic? What was the origin of the vampire? The werewolf? —So many questions that lead to more questions.

In order to find time to research the paranormal, Orion Circle officials realized that they needed an army of investigators to provide raw data and to handle the day to day issues. Though they wouldn’t admit it, Scooby Doo, was a major inspiration—a group of teenagers hunting ghosts (well crooks dressed up as ghosts). There were hundreds of talented high school and college students all over the USA, dying for adventure. Add in the mystique of a secret society and the Orion Circle had its warriors.

Today the Orion Circle has chapters in all major universities and many high schools in the larger metropolitan areas. The members usually have supernatural abilities or highly honed technical skills. In Tortured Souls we meet the San Antonio chapter of the Orion Circle. Texas is a hotbed for supernatural activity, keeping these members quite busy. Ghosts, witches (the dark ones, not the nice, normal Wiccans), werewolves, and vampires are all normal investigative fare for the Circle. Many members are avid cryptozoologists, searching the country for supernatural creatures thought to be myth.

So the next time an eerie noise wakes you up in the middle of the night, or you find some strange looking paw prints in your yard, be sure to contact your local chapter of the Orion Circle.

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Release Day: The Hunt for Snow by S.E. Babin - Excerpt & Giveaway

HuntForSnow RdL Bannner

The Hunt For Snow by S.E. Babin 
Publication Date: October 20, 2014 
Genres: Urban Fantasy

Purchase from AmazonPurchase from B&NPurchase from Kobo

The Hunt for Snow Cover


For years Snow has been running from the queen and the razor-edged knife of the Huntsman, Max. Hiding in her new world, Snow is thrust back into fairytale politics when Max finds her. Torn between fear and love, will Snow surrender her heart to the one man she can’t trust?

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I was making noise like a drunken elephant. I cringed as my boots squeaked through the mud and other unmentionables, but I didn’t slow my pace any. Thunderous footsteps echoed behind me as Max taunted me.

“Snow White, I’m going to geeet yooouuuu. Come here, you sexy little thing.”

I let out a crack of laughter and shot him the finger. But I kept running. Once I reached the entrance, I shimmied up the rocks, but a vise-like grip grabbed my ankle and pulled me down. We crashed into the sewer, me on top of Max and both of us cursing up a blue streak.

“Max! Gross!” I struggled to get out his grip without having to stab him. I was going to have to take a decon bath and get a tetanus shot after all this was done.

He laughed maniacally, but didn’t let his grip up. “Keep the wiggling up, lass, and I’ll take you in this sewer.”

“Ugh.” As much as I wanted him, I didn’t think sewer monkey love would ever be worth it.

I stopped wriggling, and stared at him, those beautiful green eyes looking back at me deep with emotions. I gave him a brilliant smile, straightened my neck, and head-butted him in the nose with my forehead as hard as I could.

His shout of pain made me feel a tad guilty for being such a dirty fighter, literally, but I’d given him what he wanted in order to keep him safe—a giant black eye that he could take back to Naomi. His grip relinquished as he continued to groan, and I scrambled off him and out of the dungeon. As I stood above the entrance looking down, Max had one hand over his bloody nose, his eyes swelling and tearing up with both amusement and pain. He shook his head at me as a blood-filled smile quirked his lips.

“Crazy bitch,” he murmured.

I gave him a wave and left him lying there. His pained laughter followed me out.

About the Author

S.E. Babin S.E. Babin has a passion for writing books with a paranormal twist. Whether it's romance or mystery, she loves turning the norm into the extraordinary. Her early love of reading turned into a curious exploration to see whether or not she could write her own novel. This resulted in her spending way too much time in the library, killing any chance of her becoming a cheerleader or anything even remotely cool. She lives in Texas with her family and a passive aggressive dachshund.

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Book Blitz: The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow - Character Bio & Giveaway

The Secret Diamond Sisters
(The Secret Diamond Sisters #1)

Release Date: 02/25/13
Harlequin Teen
381 pages

Summary from Goodreads:

Savannah. Courtney. Peyton.

The three sisters grew up not knowing their father and not quite catching a break. But it looks like their luck is about to change when they find out the secret identity of their long-lost dad—a billionaire Las Vegas hotel owner who wants them to come live in a gorgeous penthouse hotel suite.

Suddenly the Strip's most exclusive clubs are all-access, and with an unlimited credit card each, it should be easier than ever to fit right in. But in a town full of secrets and illusion, fitting in is nothing compared to finding out the truth about their past.

Buy Links:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books A Million | Book Depository | iBookstore

"Sexy and often electrifying ... Gossip Girl meets The Princess Diaries in a city that never sleeps." 

"This quick and entertaining read is filled with glitz and glamour ... get ready for one crazy and fabulous ride." 
--RT Book Reviews

Book Two:
(cover linked to Goodreads)
(Available for Pre-Order)
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books A Million | Book Depository | iBookstore

Character Bio

Courtney is sixteen years old, and is the middle Diamond sister. She’s the responsible one—she studies hard, does well in school, is a student tutor, and works after school and on weekends to help out her family. Her main goal is to keep up her grades and do well on her SATs so she can get into Stanford, her dream school. She wants to major in English and someday get a career in publishing. She’s competitive with herself and always strives to do her best.

Courtney’s closest friends are her sisters—with all the time she spends on school and work, she doesn’t have time for anyone else. She’s never had a boyfriend and is fine with waiting to date until college. (She doesn’t need any distractions right now!) She’s not into the high school party scene, and whenever she has time in her busy schedule, her favorite thing to do is read novels. She also loves listening to Broadway music (Phantom of the Opera and Wicked are her favorites) and would love to see a live show someday.

She’s a natural early bird, and is always awake before her sisters. She could happily wear jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops every day, and always goes natural with her makeup. Her favorite drink is chai tea. She’s quiet and reserved while first meeting someone, but she will do anything for the people she loves. She would love to travel the world to see historic sites and well-known museums, but it’s always felt more like a dream than a possible reality.

About the Author
Michelle Madow was inspired to write The Secret Diamond Sisters series while walking through her favorite hotel in Las Vegas. The next book in the series, Diamonds in the Rough, launches in October. Prior to The Secret Diamond Sisters, she successfully self-published The Transcend Time Saga. A tireless promoter of her work, Michelle is active on social media networks and has toured across America to promote her books and encourage high school students to embrace reading and writing. A graduate of Rollins College, Michelle lives in Florida ... but she loves going to Vegas.

To chat with Michelle and other fans about her books, joinMichelle Madow's Street Team on Facebook!

Author Links:
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Book Blast: Boy Meets Nerd by Leia Shaw - Excerpt & Giveaway

Boy Meets Nerd
AUTHOR NAME:  Leia Shaw        
BOOK GENRE: Contemporary New Adult

After graduating from MIT with a computer science degree, hacker Emerson True bides her time until she lands the perfect job. To pay the bills, she investigates cheating boyfriends and relationship secrets.
Her newest client, musician Levi Morrison, is a typical heartbreaker – gorgeous and charming. He’s also the biggest sucker in the world. When red flags pop up, he hires Em to check into the identity of the girl he’s fallen in love with online.
As Em and Levi work together to find his dream girl, they discover they have more in common than they thought. Though Emerson tries to build a firewall around her heart, Levi bypasses it easily. In the end, Levi must choose between his dream girl and the nerd who unwittingly hacked her way into his heart.



In a flash, he jumped up from the floor and leapt at her. She yelped in surprise as he tackled her onto the bed.
“I’m just taking them off to sleep, you idiot,” she said laughing as he covered her face and neck in kisses.
“Mmmm.” He inhaled deeply, relishing her sweet scent. “You should know better than to bare your legs in front of me. You’ll never be left innocent when you do that.”
Chuckling, she looked up into his eyes ran a finger across his forehead, down his cheek then traced his lips. “You need to sleep.”
“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” He moved downward and lifted her shirt with his teeth then kissed her belly. “I only have a lifetime to corrupt you.”
“Corrupt me?” She giggled and squirmed as he nipped her soft skin. “You make me sound like some kind of blessed virgin.”
He breathed against her belly, inhaling her scent, letting it fill his lungs and his memory. When he exhaled, it must’ve tickled her because she wriggled and tried to push him off.
“Stay still,” he ordered. When she did, he dragged his gaze up and down her body. Why was she still wearing clothes? The urge to be naked, feel her skin against his, was strong.
“God, you’re hot,” he mumbled, staring at her breasts.
Frowning, she covered them with her arms.
He tsked. “None of that.” Girls were so self-conscious of their bodies. He’d never understand it. It was their natural god-given curves, soft skin, and girly scent that men loved. Every imperfection – stretch mark, mole, wrinkle – just added to the humanness, gave women character. The guys he knew didn’t want a boring Barbie doll.
Emerson was real, and beautiful, and her tiny body felt perfect under his. He leaned down and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on, clasping her hands together like she never wanted to let go.


Leia Shaw is the bestselling author of the paranormal romance series, Shadows of Destiny. Thinking up fae politics, plotting dragon power games, and calculating how fast werewolves can change forms has given her a way to express those dark places in her mind. More recently, she's branched out into the erotic world and has co-written several humorous but heartwarming contemporary BDSM romances, 31 Flavors and the Badass Brats series.
Leia lives in New England with her husband and two kids. Though she will go to her grave denying it, her husband insists she would be thrilled if he suddenly sprouted fangs.
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Release Day Blitz: The Ryan Chronicles Trilogy by J.E. Taylor - Excerpt

The Ryan Chronicles Trilogy
Books 1, 2 & 3

J.E. Taylor

Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Jet Fueled Fiction/Novel Concept Publishing, LLC
October 17, 2014

The Ryan Chronicles - Book One: Saving Grace

When CJ Ryan's girlfriend decides life is less complicated without him, CJ travels a destructive path into despair, walking the line between what's right and what feels good. But what feels good is a dangerous slope to travel, especially when Lucifer wages war for his soul.

One wrong step and CJ could fall into the devil's trap, becoming no better than the demons he battles.

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Two: Raven Heart

CJ Ryan still can't remember a thing about his past, but he is determined to have a future with Valerie. Despite his lack of memory, he finds himself ensnared in the cutthroat world of entertainment whether he wants it or not. The push into the spotlight shines a harsh glare on his family and brings with it a plague of horrors that drag him to the edge.

With the darkness of the past threatening, CJ turns to his brother looking for answers, but when an enemy with a psychotic history re-enters their lives, it will take more than just his memory to save them.

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Three: Trinity's Wrath

CJ Ryan's life seems to have fallen into place, and while the backdrop of his Hawaiian honeymoon provides the perfect healing elixir, the guilt of sentencing his father to an eternity of torture at Lucifer's hands starts to intrude on his happily-ever-after.

When he and Valerie return from Hawaii, a note from the king of hell greets him, outlining in sickening detail his plans for CJ and those he holds dearest.

With everyone he loves on Lucifer's hit list, CJ must start living up to the bargain he made in Heaven, but every one of Hell's gates he closes is one less portal available for his father's escape.


She smiled and I felt a need stir inside me, and it had nothing to do with my heart, or soul, for that matter.
“You really let a demon tie you up?” Dimples appeared in her cheeks and mine bloomed with heat.
I shifted, focusing back on the darkness beyond the glass, suddenly uncomfortable and unable to look at her. I swear my face must be the shade of a bright red kickball. “I wasn’t exactly myself,” I said without looking at her.
She chuckled.
The kind of chuckle that was meant as a turn on and I slid my gaze to her. “You like your men tied up?” I raised an eyebrow. It was her turn to blush and she grinned, shrugging and looking back outside. Before I could explore more of this conversation, she took a step back, dragging me with her.
There must have been a dozen pale creatures slinking across the back yard. I gave her hand that gripped my upper arm a gentle pat and she turned her frightened gaze to me.
“They won’t get through.” My voice held confidence, but deep inside, I was trembling just as much as she was. Damian, Steve, and I had wiped out more than this at the cove, but that was three of us and of course Paradise Cove probably had a lot to do with it.
We both focused on the approaching horde and without much thought, I slung my arm around Valerie’s shoulder and pulled her close. It was time to concentrate on the deadly quality of the wall I put up. I wasn’t sure of how much sizzle to put into it.
“I want to see them burn,” Valerie said, answering my silent contemplation and a chill ran up my spine.
She had every right to hate these creatures as much as demons and I concentrated, glaring at the approaching danger. Saliva ran from their lips and their teeth gleamed in the moonlight. My heart pounded in my chest, sending throbbing vibrations through my skin. The harder my heart beat, the hungrier the approaching vampires looked.
“Just a few more feet,” I muttered, focusing on the entire perimeter of the house because I wasn’t as much of an idiot as they thought. This wasn’t the only line of assault. Still, when they advanced, I took a cautious step backwards, pulling Valerie with me. The power inside me grew and I couldn’t tell whether it was the adrenaline or the power raking across my skin like a hundred finely manicured nails. The sensation grew, moving from the land of pleasure into the world of discomfort and I gritted my teeth.
“Come on, you motherfuckers,” I growled, loud enough for their acute hearing to pick up. I moved Valerie behind me and positioned myself in a fighting stance, waving them in with my leading hand. The results were memorable.
They all launched towards the glass slider and the moment they hit my invisible barrier each vampire burst into a ball of flame. The roar of fire drowned out their screams, but I heard them and the dark part of my soul reveled in it.
Valerie let out a high pitched laugh and I glanced back at her, smiling.
She met my gaze with a measure of awe. “The only one I ever saw do something that impressive was Michael.”
Being compared to an archangel was humbling and I glanced outside at the black dust spinning on the wind. “I’m not an angel.”
“Oh, I gathered that,” she said and stepped away.
I turned towards her. “What do you mean by that?”
“You’re more recent activities?”
I shoved my hands into my pockets and stared at the floor, shamed by the fact she was privy to my more decadent actions. Instead of apologizing, I lifted my gaze to hers, studying the memories of her past, especially the times after the more traumatic events. Naomi was right about one thing. The girl never freaked out. Ever.
And therein lay the challenge.
I let a grin slowly surface and narrowed my eyes, stepping closer. “So, you want to try out some of those ‘activities’ with me?”
She laughed. The kind of laugh that bruised a man’s ego and when she went into the gale realm, I crossed my arms, my good humor turning sourer by the second.

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J.E. Taylor is a writer, a publisher, an editor, a manuscript formatter, a mother, a wife and a business analyst, not necessarily in that order. She first sat down to seriously write in February of 2007 after her daughter asked:

“Mom, if you could do anything, what would you do?”

From that moment on, she hasn’t looked back and now her writing résumé includes more than a dozen published novels along with several short stories on the virtual shelves including a few within eXcessica anthologies.

In addition to being co-owner of Novel Concept Publishing , Ms. Taylor also moonlights as a Senior Editor of Allegory an online venue for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. She has been known to edit a book or two and also offers her services judging writing contests for various Romance Writers Association chapters.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and during the summer months enjoys her weekends on the shore in southern Maine.

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