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The Spirit Chaser by Kay Mayor - Excerpt & Giveaway

The Spirit Chaser

Kat Mayor

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance,
Horror, Ghosts
Date of Publication: November 13, 2015

Book Description

Some places are too evil. Some places should be left alone.

Austin Cole has it made. Star of the hit television show Spirit Chaser Investigations, he has become the world’s most famous paranormal investigator. Although hard work, a talented investigation team, and favorable genetics have something to do with it, it’s his lack of fear and willingness to take risks no one else will that make Spirit Chaser Investigations cable’s number-one show.

When a ghost-hunt-gone-wrong seriously injures his best friend and lead psychic, Austin is forced to find a replacement for a team member he considers irreplaceable.

Casey Lawson can’t catch a break. She’s been on her own since she turned eighteen and is scraping by as a part-time psychic and cashier at a New Age store. When a desperate Austin Cole calls her up and offers her a position on his team, has her fortune finally changed?

He’s a control freak; she’s stubborn and opinionated. It takes time, but when they finally realize they’re working on the same side, everything clicks, both on and off screen.

Just when things are looking up, a new threat emerges. Over the years, Austin has angered plenty of demons, and one of them has set her sights on him. Now he’s the one in danger, and it’s up to the team to rescue him from the riskiest investigation of their lives.

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“I got your message. I guess that means Austin tracked you down.”
“Yeah, he did, and I have some questions about that for later.” Casey threw her purse on the entry table and flopped down on the couch. “But first I want to talk about you. I saw what happened on the finale. It was awful.” Casey paused for a moment. “How are you doing?”
“Yeah, that wasn’t my finest moment.” No it wasn’t. Casey thought it was a crappy thing to do, televising what had to be the lowest point in Barrett’s life. But she understood about ratings and the Almighty Dollar. “I’m better now, though,” he told her.
“How did it get in your head?”
“She was strong. Very strong.”
“Yeah, the entity self-identified as female. She got in before I even knew I’d been attacked.” An involuntary shiver went through Casey’s spine. Barrett had always been careful. If an entity could get hold of him like that, then no one was safe.
“So, do you remember what happened?”
“Thankfully, no. I have vivid memories of everything that happened before we entered the warehouse. But after that, it’s all kind of a blur. This is what I do remember: She put the darkest thoughts of violence and rage in my head.” It had been like seeing his friends through someone else’s eyes. He had been crazy-out-of-control-angry at Gary and Luis. But the level of hate he’d felt for Austin was off the charts. Not only did he want him to suffer a slow, agonizing death, he wanted to inflict the pain and watch every excruciating moment as he slipped closer and closer to the edge. Barrett exhaled. “Anyway, the next thing I know, I’m in the hospital with a broken arm, terrified of something I can’t name or describe. You remember how I was in high school? When everything was hopeless and I was hating life?”
“Yeah,” Casey said. For as long as she had known Barrett, depression had been a daily struggle. He was the typical high school loner, a bit of a weirdo who didn’t fit into any of the usual cliques. He wandered around the halls with a sad, empty look in his eyes. The dark cloud over his head was what drew Casey to him in the first place. She was an outcast in her own right. Being the preacher’s emo daughter who spoke to ghosts didn’t win her any popularity contests. His vulnerability struck a chord with her. She wanted to take him home with her, like a stray puppy, and hold him until he felt safe and secure. But her comfort was not what he needed.
“That was nothing compared to the level of depression and despair I was feeling after the … thing”—he couldn’t bring himself to articulate the word “possessed”—“attacked me. I found out later that the doctors placed me on a suicide watch.” Barrett shook his head. “Weird. Sorry to unload on you. I’ll save the confessing and emotional vomiting for my priest and shrink.”
“No worries. I shouldn’t have brought up a sore subject.”
“No, Casey. You’re one of the few people who’ve even asked how I’m doing. My boyfriend, Derek, wants to ignore it, pretend like nothing happened. He’s afraid if we discuss it, I’ll lose it or something. I think a few of my friends are even kind of scared of me.” Barrett sighed. “Well, enough about me. What have you been up to, Ms. Lawson? Something fabulous, I’m sure.”
“Not really. I’ve been working at my friend’s store. It’s a low-stress job and not taxing on the brain. I’m kind of at an in-between place in my life right now. Trying to figure stuff out.” Casey paused and took a breath. “So, what’s the deal with this Austin dude? He tells me you’re the one who suggested me as a replacement. Why?”
“Because you’re the best. And Spirit deserves the best. They’re great people and I don’t want some attention-seeking charlatan screwing things up for them.”
“Well, if it’s so great, why don’t you want to go back?”
Barrett sighed and put his hand to his forehead. “That is a completely fair question, especially since I’m the one who gave Austin your name. But truthfully, I’m still in recovery mode. When Luis exorcised the she-demon, he got rid of my familiars, too. And I relied on them a lot.” Unlike Casey, Barrett came from a long line of seers. The familiar spirits that helped him see the future and communicate with the dead had been in his family for generations. “I mean, I can still see ghosts, but I can’t see the future anymore, and that kind of sucks.”
“So ask them back.”
“No, I don’t want to do that. After the she-devil got in, I’m not itching to open myself up again.”
Casey couldn’t blame him. “Well, even without your familiars, you’re still a million times better than most of the so-called psychics out there. And when you do get better, you’re going to want you’re fantastic job back.”
“No. I have my own personal reasons for not wanting to return that I’d rather not get into. It’s a great job, Casey, just not great for me.”
“Well, I haven’t even interviewed yet. Once Austin meets me, he might say forget it.”
“I know for a fact he has no one else lined up. The job is yours to refuse or accept.”
“I don’t know. I’m going to tell it like it is. Some people can’t handle that.”
“That’s what makes you the perfect choice. Austin is very persistent, very charming, and very persuasive. It’s nearly impossible to tell him no. And once he gets his mind set on something, he won’t stop. The team needs someone like you to stand firm, because Austin can’t see the danger and really doesn’t understand it. He’ll lead them all straight into hell without even knowing it.”

About the Author
Kat Mayor is a native Texan, wife, and mom. In addition to The Spirit Chaser, she has written a young adult series, The Circle. She’s a full-time reader, part-time writer, and when she’s not kicking a story around in her head, she loves to read and review books on Goodreads.

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First Prize: $50 Amazon gift card and signed Paperback of The Spirit Chaser 
Second Prize: $25 Amazon gift card and e-book of The Spirit Chaser in Mobi, EPUB, or PDF.

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Interview with Tiffany Daune, Author of Curses & Ash

Welcome to Tiffany Daune, author of Curses & Ash!

Can you tell me a little bit about your series and what inspired it?
I've always been partial to fins. I love mermaids, but I wanted to explore magic as well and see what would happen if I blended in shape shifters and sirens. I like to think magic is all around us, so I wanted Coral & Bone to feel real, yet still take the reader on a journey. I like urban fantasy for this reason; it makes the impossible possible.  

The Etlins in the Coral & Bone series are shifters. If you could be a shifter what animal would you want to be and why?
Definitely a raven because they are wickedly smart and eerie. 

What is one of your favorite quotes?
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. ~ Albus Dumbledore

When did you know that you wanted to write professionally and how did you take the leap to get into the business? 
I started writing with the intent of publishing seven years ago. I faced a lot of rejection letters, but I kept submitting and writing, until I received my first contract for Surface and the sequel Landlocked. Unfortunately, my publisher closed, and I had to start over. So, instead of resubmitting Surface, I wrote Coral & Bone and decided to self-publish. 

Your first book SURFACE was published with a traditional publisher and CORAL & BONE was self-published, did you enjoy self-publishing and would you do it again?
There are pros and cons to both methods. Some writers are choosing a blended method and I think that's a great way to go. I loved every bit of the process, but you need a good team behind you. I was fortunate to have a great team of women working on Coral & Bone and Curses & Ash. I was blessed to have Mary Harris as an editor, the very talented Nathalia Suellen created the cover and Tamara Cribley designed the interior. With this team, I would definitely do it again.

What book is currently on your nightstand? And who are some of your favorite authors?
I have five on my nightstand right now. I'm currently lost in the pages of The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey. I'm also reading some great works on Wattpad.
I could never pick just one, but I a few of my faves are Alyson Noel, Tehereh Mafi, Holly Black, Casandra Clare, John Green, Jennifer Armentrout and Kendare Blake.

What is next on your to read list?
Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. 
Can you share a little about the current title you are working on?
I'm currently writing  book three of the Coral & Bone series and working on an outline for an exciting new series. Keep an eye on my Instagram account where I'll be posting a sneak peek very soon.

Why mermaids?
You know when someone reads you a story as a child and it sticks with you forever?  Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid was that story for me.  I love the original and I adore the Disney version. But, it wasn't until I watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides did I find my mermaid muse for Coral & Bone.

If you could meet one of your characters in real life, who would it be and why?
Halen. Then I could apologize for all the crap I put her through. I'm not done with her yet, so she may need a big hug.

What was your favorite childhood book?
I loved so many books as a child, it’s hard to pick one. My top three would have to be The Lion the Witch and the WardrobeCharlie and the Chocolate Factory and Are you there God It’s Me Margaret. As a teen, I devoured anything by Stephen King, John Saul & Anne Rice.

What’s your favorite writing food?
Dark chocolate chips, but if it’s near Easter I can’t resist Cadbury Easter Crème Eggs. Chocolate is food--right?

Yes, chocolate is most definitely food and one of my favorites :)

Curses & Ash
Tiffany Daune
YA Urban Fantasy
January 2016
Jester Ink Press

Buy Links:

Discover the spellbinding sequel to Coral & Bone...

A demented twin sister, a demon hijacking her powers, and a mysterious journal filled with more questions than answers—Halen needs her Guardian Dax more than ever. But if she confides in Dax, she fears he will never forgive her, not after all he sacrificed to help her vanquish Asair.Halen drowned Asair in a tornado of wings—at least, she thought she killed him. Why then does his mocking voice snake through her thoughts, enticing her to surrender her power?

Maybe she screwed up—big time—but she will never allow Asair to control her magick. And when Etils' fires threaten the Earth, suspicions surrounding Asair's death rise, igniting restlessness within the realms. Her life in balance, Halen must race time, purge the demon's soul before flames consume the Earth or the Tari strike first.

Don't miss Coral & Bone, book one in the series

About the Author

I write stories about magick, love and dark creatures lurking in the shadows. When I'm not lost in Editland you can find me reading a book from my towering TBR pile or at the movie theater nibbling licorice. I don't have a lucky number, but my favorite time is 11:11. I completely believe that the fortunes found inside cookies will come true and that you must be careful when wishing on stars. I live on an island, so if you want to visit you'll need a boat, and if you want to survive the passage, be sure to bring candy for the mermaids. 

Author Links:

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Angel in Training by C.L. Coffey - Playlist, Excerpt & Giveaway

Angel in Training Playlist
C. L. Coffey

Better Than Ezra – Sincerely Me
Short Stack – Planets
Howie Day – Collide
The Cab – Bad
The Last Goodnight – Pictures of You
Wallflowers – One Headlight
Lady Gaga – Born This Way
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Garth Brooks – Callin’ Baton Rouge
 Matchbox Twenty – Long Day
 Lea Michelle – Cannonball
 Little Big Town – Boondocks
 Jedward – Luminous
 Major Lazer – Get Free
 Tim McGraw – Live Like You’re Dying

Angel in Training
by C.L. Coffey
Release Date: February 17th 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

After a night out turns fatal, a misunderstanding with the Archangel Michael presents Angel with a chance at Eternal Life: the opportunity to earn her wings and one day become an archangel herself.

Angel is given the task of protecting her charge, trainee detective, Joshua Walsh. There's no denying the attraction between Angel and Joshua, only Michael has pretty strict rules: no drinking, no drugs, and certainly no relationships with humans. Thankfully, she's got other things to deal with, like trying to convince Joshua New Orleans has a serial killer who is preying on other angel potentials like herself.

Angel must quickly learn that when keeping someone safe, doing the right thing is not always the easiest, especially when you've got an archangel looking over your shoulder.

Buy Links:


As if he sensed me watching him, Joshua looked up. My breath caught in my throat. If I thought Michael was gorgeous, it didn’t even begin to compare to this guy. Whereas Michael looked like he had been sculptured into perfection, Joshua was gorgeous because of the slight imperfections. His nose was ever so slightly crooked and he had a small scar just above his right eyebrow. Even his five o’clock shadow made him look a little rugged. I pulled my eyes away from him just long enough to stare at the ceiling and mutter, “I hate you a tiny little bit right now.”
When I dropped my gaze back to him, I discovered he was still looking at me through his long black eyelashes. His eyes were such a clear blue; it was like staring at the sky outside. His hair was as dark as his lashes, looking almost like it had a blue hint to it in the dim light. Stray locks of his hair that were no longer brushed to the side, were dangling in his eyes.
As one of his eyebrows arched up questioningly, it dawned on me that I was just standing there, gawking. I tucked my hair nervously behind my ear and hurried over. “Joshua Walsh?”
“Who wants to know?” he asked, looking up at me through hooded eyes.
“I’m Angel,” I offered. With one look he was throwing me off balance and it was really disconcerting. I’m not scared of going up to guys and talking to them, but this one had the geese back in my stomach.
“Yes. Yes you are,” he agreed, smiling. He pointed to the seat opposite.
I slid into the seat, only just making it graceful before my legs gave out on me. “No,” I told him, clearing my throat. “My name is Angel.” I frowned. “Although I suppose you’re technically correct.”
“It may be the beer, but you’re not making any sense.” He picked up his bottle and used it to point at me, winking as he did so. “It’s alright though, because you’re hot.”
I tucked my hair back behind my ear again, then, conscious that I had just done that, dropped my hands into my lap. Of course he noticed and smirked. I took the opportunity to clear my throat again. “Let me start again. You’re hot.” My eyes bulged as I realized what I had said. “No, I mean, I’m hot.”
I froze, mortified. As he continued smirking, I did what any self-respecting woman would do. I let my head drop to the table with a bang which was sure to leave a red mark. I would have gladly had the floor open and swallow me whole, even if at this point, there was a strong possibility there would be something under there.
“You know, I’m going to be honest,” he drawled. I raised my head just enough to look at him. “That’s the most entertaining pick up line I’ve ever had.”
My head shot upright as I began furiously shaking it. “I’m not hitting on you!”
He leaned forward. “It’s alright,” he told me in a stage whisper. “Because you’re hot. And so is that accent. Where are you from?”
“England,” I admitted, knowing full well my face was quickly turning an interesting shade of pink. “But I live in New Orleans now.”
He leaned forward again, this time propping his head up with his hand, and smiled. “I think I could listen to you talk all day.”
“I think you should probably go to bed and get some sleep,” I retorted.
The smirk was back. “You going to come back with me?”
“No,” I told him, trying my hardest to appear unaffected by his suggestion.
The smirk grew into a grin. “You’re totally lying,” he informed me. “You think I’m hot.”
“I think you’re drunk,” I informed him. And hot, yes. But there was no way I was going to tell him. Again.
He shrugged, the grin never slipping from his face. “But that doesn’t stop you from thinking I’m hot. I can be both.”
“Cocky much?” I asked him, rolling my eyes.
He pulled himself back and allowed himself to lean back into his seat. “Well, if you’re not hitting on me, why are you here?”
“Because apparently, somebody upstairs has got a twisted sense of humor,” I told him, the statement verging on a growl. I took a deep breath and forced the growing resentment from me. “I’m going to start over. My name is Angelina, or Angel, but I am also your Guardian Angel.”
Joshua rose to his feet, the motion scattering the empty bottles across the table. “And that’s where your chat up line failed, darlin’, because there are no such things as angels.” He downed what was left in the bottle and stalked over to the bar.

About the Author
Cheryl works in an office by day. By night she leads a (not-so) secret life DJing, and throughout it all, is constantly scribbling away as the plot bunnies demand constant attention.

Her first novel was written when she should have been revising for her exams. While it is unlikely to ever see the light of day, it was the start of long relationship with the evil plot bunnies of doom.

A need to do more than just one subject led her to the University of Hull, where she graduated with an honours degree in American Studies. For the third year of the four year degree, she was able to call Baton Rouge home. Since then, Louisiana has claimed a large chunk of her heart, and remains a place she will always consider home.

LSU was where she discovered FanFiction and currently writes (mainly) CSI:NY stories and a Rescue: Special Ops story. 

When not transcribing the stories of the angels and archangels, working, or DJing, she is at the beck and call of three cats – all of whom rank higher in the household than she does.

Author Links:
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The Twistedly True Guardian Tale by Stephanie Greenhalgh - Excerpt & Giveaway

The Twistedly True Guardian Tale
(Ruby Hood Series 2)

by Stephanie Greenhalgh

Release Date: August 9th 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

In the small town of Woodsville, Ruby Hood is settling into her role as Guardian of the Wood. In the blink of an eye, her monumental high school graduation comes and goes without her attendance. There are too many other things on her mind.

Her mom, Christine Wood, has just returned from caring for Ruby's ill grandmother. Kent Wolf finally gets released from the hospital and Kayla Wolf is desperate to make amends, while Dylan Hunter works to hone his Huntsman skills. Everything seems like it’s going to work itself out, until Ivy Snow shows up on Ruby’s front porch with an RV filled with seven dwarfs.

As a new darkness casts a shadow over Woodsville, Ruby is unsure where to turn when turmoil erupts in the Wood, and finds herself aligned with an unusual cast of characters. As Guardian of the Wood, Ruby worries that she can’t save everyone, but what if she is the one who needs saving?

This is the second book in the Ruby Hood Series by Stephanie Greenhalgh.

Book Trailer:


Ivy Snow

The woman was absolutely stunning—not in the traditional movie star way, but in a way that was more unique. It was more the way she carried herself with confidence. Her short bobbed hair was black as night and her skin as fair as snow. Her blunt bangs perfectly framed her deep, clear blue eyes. Her crimson lips curled into a soft smile and tips of tattoos peeked out from her neck and shoulders. The woman seemed very at ease in her own skin and couldn’t have looked more comfortable with her legs tucked up beneath her. She had removed her shoes and made herself at home.
“She’s dead, you know,” said the woman.
 “No, silly, my mom. She’s gone.” The woman replied.
A darkness flickered through Ruby’s eyes. She knew the pain of losing a parent all too well. “I’m sorry,” she said contritely. “So is my dad.”
“No kidding.” The woman’s blue eyes gazed at Ruby. “It’ll be fifteen years this summer.”
“Really? Me, too.” The girls held each other’s gaze for a brief minute.
“I’m Ivy…Ivy Snow.” The girl leaned across the oval coffee table and shook Ruby’s hand. The air stood still, and suddenly Ruby understood. Ivy was here for help. Ruby knew they would probably need each other in the near future. Their paths were meant to cross. 

Previous Book in the Series (click on image for Goodreads link):

About the Author

A born and raised Midwestern girl, Stephanie Greenhalgh currently resides in Las Vegas. As an avid reader and writer, literature and learning have always been more of a passion than a hobby. This two time UNLV graduate spends her days teaching elementary school and her weekends and summers writing stories. The first book in her Ruby Hood series debuted in 2013, and the sequel,The Twistedly True Guardian Tale, will release in summer 2015. Stephanie also has four published short stories and a self published novella, If the Silver Slippers Fit. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and lovable Labrador retrievers.

Author Links:
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