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The Wanderer's Children by L.G. O'Connor - Character Interview

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my stop on The Wanderer's Children blog tour, hosted by TLC Book Tours. The Wanderer's Children is the second book in The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles by L.G. O'Connor.

I'm excited to share an interview with character Michael Swift. Enjoy!!

The Wanderer's Children
The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles #2

L.G. O'Connor

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
December 16, 2014
Collins-Young Publishing

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Wanderer’s mission three decades ago: secretly sire children to hide his bloodline, and protect them until their destinies can unite in the final battle between good and evil. That time has come...

Cara Collins, the First of the Holy Twelve, longs for one last peaceful weekend with her bridesmaids as she plans her wedding to Simon Young, her former Trinity Guardian, before duty calls with the Angelorum to gather the Twelve and prepare them for battle. Life, as she knew it, has changed; weird is Cara’s new normal. Her newly acquired Nephilim DNA is wreaking havoc on her and those closest to her as her body transforms into Amazonian proportions and an overabundance of pheromones threatens to land her in hot water with Simon—not to mention a sudden suspicious outbreak of “insta-love” among her friends.

Michael Swift, Cara’s Trinity Messenger, has spent months running from his attraction to Cara’s brazen best friend Sienna, the only woman who has ever skirted his considerable defenses. But if he wants a future with her, he must confront his tormented past head on, or risk losing her and destroying the future of the Angelorum.

As dark forces and outside threats gather, Cara has more to worry about than fitting into her wedding dress and playing Cupid to her friends. A second encounter with rocker Brett King shows Cara once again that there are no coincidences. One of the Wanderer’s children, Brett and his secret siblings are the key to gathering the rest of the Twelve.

When the newly forming team finally comes together, an unexpected revelation shakes them to their core. They must all look deeper into their souls as new secrets come to light to discover what's really at stake in the final battle between good and evil…if betrayal and Lucifer don’t rip them apart first.

Interview with Character Michael Swift

I’m so thrilled to have adult contemporary fantasy / paranormal romance author, L.G. O’Connor, here today my blog. The Wanderer’s Children, the second book in her four-book series, The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles, launched this Tuesday, December 16th. Or is it a five-book series? I guess it is if you count the prequel novella that comes out this spring. Congratulations on your launch, L.G., and welcome!

[LG] Thanks for having us, Kimber! I’m here today with one of the leading men from the A12 series, Michael Swift. (Michael coughs into his fist to hide his blush) Rather than me doing the talking today, I’ll hand it over to Michael.

[Michael] Thanks, L.G. Kimber, glad to be here. (shy smile, shifts on his stool)

[Kimber] It’s good to have you guys. To start, Michael, why don’t you tell us a bit about where you’re from…

[Michael] I was born in Chicago, but moved to Brooklyn, New York in high school. New York is home for me now. I’ve stayed in Park Slope.

[Kimber] Why don’t you tell us a little about The Wanderer’s Children?

[Michael] Well, the A12 Chronicles are really one story told in four parts. The story starts with Trinity Stones, when my friend and the Soul Seeker in my Trinity, Cara Collins, turns twenty-seven and inherits $50 million. But the inheritance is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as Cara learns the truth. She’s been chosen to lead the final battle between the Lucifer and his minions and the Angelorum in defense of mankind. She won’t find out why she’s inherited the money until the end of the series. Kudos to L.G., you can jump right into the second book without reading the first if you don’t mind a few spoilers. (chuckles) If you read the first book after the second, you can see all the hints L.G. left out like Handsel & Gretel breadcrumbs.

In the second book, the Wanderer’s Children, we find out that someone chosen by the Angelorum had secretly sired children to hide the bloodline, and those children are part of the Twelve. One of them is rock star, Brett King. Great guy. He’s a bit blown away when he finds out. Then again, we all were. We all had normal lives before this… Cara had a chance encounter with him in the last book. (Michael glances at L.G.) Which I guess wasn’t so ‘chance’ after all.

[L.G.] (shrugs and smiles cryptically) There are no coincidences, remember?

[Michael] We finally meet Lucifer in this installment. He and two his Lieutenants, Achanelech and Escher Grant, take the next step in their big plan to thwart us. And then there’s all the hooking up. (shakes his head and sniffs) Cara’s like a walking Cupid.

[Kimber] Yeah, I hear that things heat up between you and Cara’s best friend Sienna in this part. What did you think the first time you met her?

[Michael] (laughs) I wanted to throttle her within about 3o seconds. Let’s just say that we had a hate-hate relationship from the moment we laid eyes on each other.

[Kimber] What was your second thought?

[Michael] The same but worse.

[Kimber] So it wasn’t love at first sight then. When did it all change for you?

[Michael] (gives her a royal-blue eyed stare and winks) You’ll have to read Trinity Stones to find out.

[Kimber] What do you like most about her?

[Michael] She can come off a little strong and intimidating when you first meet her, but that’s just how she protects herself. But now, I see that vulnerable side of her, and I understand why she’s Cara’s best friend. She’s got a generous heart. She’s smart, sexy, and she puts up with me (gives her a crooked smile). She can be pretty impulsive too sometimes, but that works for me probably as much as it works against me.

[Kimber] How would she describe you?

[Michael] (rests his elbows on his thighs) Ha! Yeah. Depends. When we first met, she thought I had a major stick up my…ahembutt. She wouldn’t say that any more though. I think she’d say that I was a good partner, and that she appreciates my opinions, especially in business. She’s a fashion designer for Nico Alda and I used to model. I have a pretty decent eye for design, so she’s been consulting with me on her current collection.

[Kimber] What made you choose to own a dojo and to be a martial arts instructor? And to be a male model before that?

[Michael] (shrugs) I started modeling when I was sixteen. It was the best way to make good cash in high school and on breaks from college. But I’ve studied martial arts since I was really young. (wrings his hands nervously and averts his eyes) I knew it’s what I had to do with my life. Teach people how to defend themselves…

[Kimber] What’s your biggest fear?

[Michael] Not going there, Kimber.

[Kimber] Okay, got it. How do you relax?

[Michael] Sparring with Simon, Cara’s fiancé and my former Trinity Guardian. It’s a great way for me to let off steam. That and… well, the other one involves Sienna (winks).

[Kimber] What’s the best piece of advice you ever received and from whom?

[Michael] (nods, clenches jaw, and says quietly) Find forgiveness somewhere in your heart to let go of the past. It’s the only way you’ll ever be able to move on. My father told me that… after he died. (L.G. squeezes Michael’s hand, and give’s Kimber the high sign)

Well, that’s a wrap. L.G., Michael, thanks for stopping by today! Check out L.G.’s links below, connect with her on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, or her blog “Creating the WRITE Reality”. To buy her books, check out the links below!

L.G. is running a $1.49 launch sale on Smashwords (all eBook formats available) now through 1/1/15 for The Wanderer’s Children. Use Coupon code: RN38C at checkout.

Until next time…

About the Author

L.G. O’Connor is a member of the Romance Writers of America. A corporate strategy and marketing executive for a Fortune 250 company, she writes adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She is currently working on the third book in the Angelorum Twelve Chronicles, Book of Four Rings, for publication in 2015. In addition, she is writing an adult contemporary romance series set in Morristown, New Jersey. L.G. lives a life of adventure, navigating her way through dog toys and soccer balls and loaning herself out for the occasional decorating project. When she’s feeling particularly brave, she enters the kitchen . . .

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