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Blog Tour: Love on Loch Ness by Aubrie Dionne - Top 9 List & Giveaway

Love on Loch Ness

Aubrie Dionne

Paranormal Romance 

Dr. Gail Phillips steps onto the shores of Loch Ness to disprove the Loch Ness monster theory for good so everyone can stop wasting their time. As a marine biologist with a background in archeology, she’s convinced all of the world’s myths such as Big Foot, the Tasmanian devil, and even Nessie are lies. Her father disappeared while following Yettie tracks in the Alps, and she doesn’t want to lose another mislead soul. 

Flynn Maloney comes from a family of fanatic cryptozoologists. As a native of Scotland, he believes in Nessie as strong as Gail believes in science. Despite his initial attraction for her, he’s joined her research team to prove her wrong. He wants to find Nessie for a special girl in his life, to show her dreams really can come true. 

As they conduct sonar studies and sweeps of the lake, their differing opinions are at odds with their budding attraction. Gail doesn’t believe in anything unscientific, such as romance, thinking the charming Flynn Maloney is full of baloney. Flynn can’t believe he’s falling for someone with no imagination or faith. To make matters worse, their videographer is covering his true identity. Together they must unravel his plan before he destroys everything they are working for. Will Gail force Flynn to question his faith, or will she discover more than she bargained for in the Scottish highlands?


Aubrie Dionne's Top 9 List

Top Nine Places I’d Like To Visit:

#1. Tatooine - The cantina in Star Wars. Yeah, I’d LOVE to dance to the cantina song played by those strange ant beings on those oboe like instruments and sit with Han Solo at his table and haggle a price for a trip on the Millenium Falcon. I might need a bodyguard...or two.

#2. Rivendell - home of the Elves in Lord of the Rings. Legolas could teach me how to hold a bow, and I love to play one of those elfin flutes. Everyone there looks so pretty, and I love salad- which is what they eat in The Hobbit.

#3. King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. I’d love to meet Tyrion Lannister. Although, I don’t think he’d find me very interesting to talk to. The castle looks so beautiful even though it’s so dangerous. I might need a few more bodyguards for this one. 

#4. The Enterprise - Starship and home of The Next Generation. It’s my dream to sit in the Captain's chair. I’d love to learn how to fly the ship and how warp drive really works- although I may not understand it.

#5. Starfleet Academy - The training school where everyone in Star Trek goes. It looks like it’s somewhere in Los Angeles in the future. I’m sure the classes would be difficult, but I’d love to give it a try!

#6. Camelot - Oh, I’d love to meet Merlin and see some magic! Maybe watch a sword fight or a lance tournament. I’d buy one of those beautiful medieval gowns.

#7. Deep Space Nine - the space station. I’d get a drink at Quark’s, visit Odo in security- although I don’t think he’d pay much attention to me unless I stole something. I’d love to meet commander Sisko or Dax.

#8. Stanley Hotel - the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining.” I’d love to go for a walk in the hedge garden. Although, I wouldn’t stay the night. hehe

#9. The maze in Labyrinth. I’d like to find my way to the goblin king in the center. Looks like so much fun! And the ball with all the pretty dresses and facemasks- sign me up! 

About the Author-

Aubrie Dionne is an author and flutist in New England. Her books have received the highest
ratings from Romance Times Magazine, as well as Night Owl Reviews and Two Lips
Reviews. She has guest blogged on the USA Today Happily Ever After Blog and the Dear
Teen Me blog and signed books at the Boston Book Festival, Barnes and Noble, and the
Romance Writers of America conference. Her books are published by Entangled Publishing,
Harper Impulse, Astraea Press, Spencer Hill Press, Inkspell Publishing, and Lyrical Press.
When she's not writing, Aubrie teaches flute and plays in orchestras.



  1. Oh, I'd love to be able to go on the Starship Enterprise and visit Deep Space Nine. I've always had a love affair with Star Trek and loved the intent of exploration. Yah, I'd have joined Starfleet in a heartbeat.

    Nessie a hoax? Say it isn't so. Lot of strange things still exist in this world. :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

    1. There was an article in USA Today about Apple Maps getting a picture of Nessie. It's a cool picture, really looks like a sea monster under the water.


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