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The Astral Ordinance Books I and II by Meltem Y.K. + Author Interview

The Astral Ordinance
Book I
Meltem Y.K.
YA Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
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Jayna is about to graduate from high school and embark on an exciting journey in higher education – or so she thinks. In the wee hours of one fateful night she finds herself in the middle of a battle with demons. She assumes it’s a nightmare; a young warrior, Ethan Wells, convinces her otherwise. Jayna discovers that she is an evolved human who can travel between dimensions and is also capable of extinguishing demons. She is a prime candidate for the Astral army. An innocent first-love blossoms between Jayna and Ethan. They become partners in the Astral army against demons and other forms of evil. Ethan is in charge of her training; they spend the next few years as carefree college students by day, demon fighters by night. However, there is a small glitch in their happiness: They are forbidden by the Astral Masters to see each other on Earth. As much as they love one another, they cannot be together in their physical forms. However, the Astral Plane is about to experience a first.

The Astral Ordinance
Book II

Meltem Y.K.

YA Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Available at Amazon
With a special permission from the Ascended Masters, Jayna and Ethan have a spectacular wedding in the Astral plane. Jayna’s family and close friends are also transported to the wedding and they experience the Astral plane for the first time. Life goes on in a happy monotone for the next few years. Jayna and Ethan are together every night, but they are still forbidden to see each other on the Earth plane. One morning, Jayna and Liam do not wake up from their state of suspended animation. Their family is frightened out of their wits and hold vigil by their beds. With a lot of help from Hope and guidance from the other side, the siblings finally awake. Something major has happened on the Astral plane and Jayna is not telling them the whole story, but there is no denying the sense of danger. Their almost perfect lives are about to unravel.

And then she saw him with fresh eyes. Ethan was tall, well-muscled and had a chiseled face, high cheek bones and full lips, but his eyes were his most prominent feature; they sparkled with an inner light and were framed by a set of eyelashes any girl could kill for.
Why don’t I meet a guy like this in real life?
Duhhh, because he isn’t real, she reminded herself.  He is a figment of my imagination, so I made him as hot as I could imagine. Uhh, I sure wish he was real.
She had lagged just a bit behind Ethan where she had a close-up view of his sexy back, his wide shoulders and ripped muscles. Her heart gave a little lurch. She wondered what it would be like to be wrapped in those arms.
Ethan turned around and winked at her. Jayna went beet red.
I am sure I didn’t say those things out loud, she thought. There is no way he heard my thoughts… but why did he wink at me?
Ethan began whistling a happy tune.
It’s my lucky day! He thought to himself puffing out his chest. The girl that made him go gaga minutes earlier was fantasizing about him. Wow, she was just as attracted to him as he was to her. His blood boiled with excitement. Jayna didn’t know much about the Astral world and was broadcasting her thoughts as if she was shouting them from rooftops. Ethan had heard everything loud and clear.
“Coming, Jayna,” he asked, a huge grin on his face.
Jayna picked up her pace.
What am I missing here? Why do I feel like he is laughing at me?


Interview With Author Meltem Y.K.

What inspired you to write The Astral Ordinance?

I’ve always been a closet mystic. Writing the Astral ordinance was a way for me to take it to the next step and endow my characters with some very advanced mystical skills.
Tell us about the main characters in the story. Who are Jayna and Ethan?
Jayna and Ethan are two advanced souls who were born to achieve great things on Earth. They meet in the Astral dimension and fell in love, but they are forbidden to see each other on the Earth plane – for a very good reason.
What are a couple of your favorite books/authors?
I read every book that was written by Robert Ludlum. I love David Morrell, but none of these authors wrote paranormal. If they did, I would be in heaven reading their books.
What do you do when not writing?
I actually have a very busy life. I work full-time at a university; I have a family and a young son who still needs his mommy at bedtime.
What’s next for you as a writer?
The Astral Ordinance is a series; I am currently writing Book III. I am sure there will be more as the story is unfolding faster than I can write and all these characters are urging me to make them come to life in print. In order to keep up with the demand of my characters, I am also writing short stories about them as complements to the series.
Do you have any advice for new writers just entering the shark infested waters?
Yes. I would give them David Morrell’s advice, which is “Write the story that only you can write.” Don’t try to guess what people want to read. Write what you would like to read so that you can keep your own interest. I can’t imagine writing a book that didn’t have paranormal in it. It just wouldn’t be my book.
This or That
Paper or ebook? Paper.
Forests or Mountains? Mountains.
Dogs or Cats? Dogs.
Morning or Night? Morning.
Angels or Demons? Angels.
Snow or Sun? Sun.
City or Country? Country.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.
Beach or Pool? BEACH.

About the Author:

A university graduate in Economic's, this mother of three and foster mother of 24, has been drawn to the world of paranormal since childhood. A devoted reader herself, Meltem Y.K has always had the aspiration to create her own brand of fantasy.
While working full-time and raising a family, into the late hours of the night, Meltem Y.K dreamed the fantasies that only she can and created a story that's grown into the Astral Ordinance.




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