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Character Q and A with Megan Haskell, Author of Sanyare + Giveaway

Please help me welcome Megan Haskell, author of Sanyare. She is joining us for a Character Q and A with her main character, Rie. Don't miss her giveaway at the end of the post!

Interview with Rie from Sanyare
Before the official questions start, tell us a little bit about yourself.

The basics are pretty boring. My name is Nuriel Lhéthannien, but I prefer to be called Rie. I was born an orphan in the Human Realm, and taken to the High Court of Faerie to be raised as a changeling by lesser high elf nobles. I was lucky. My wardens, Curuthannor and Lhéwen treated me more as a daughter than the slave I could have been.
Curuthannor is King Othin’s general and high commander of his personal guard. When I showed interest in the martial arts, he ignored my human deficiencies and trained me to fight alongside his noble students.
At the same time, Lhéwen — one of the most sought after seamstresses in the Upper Realm — taught me how to interact with the nobility, how to serve and remain unseen while seeing and hearing everything around me. They turned out to be useful skills.
Ultimately, I earned a place in the High Court Messengers, a rare position of respect for a human.

1) Since you’re a fighter, what’s your favorite weapon?

That’s easy, the khukuri blades. The knives that I carry have an eight inch blade, and were designed specifically for my hand. Mine have red jasper grips inlaid with white aventurine, and a black jet palm ring set with red garnets. The copper bolsters — the metal caps at the front and back of the grips —  are enchanted with four runes: Ansuz for insight and communication, Perthro for seeing the future and knowing one’s path, Tiwaz for honor, justice, and leadership, and Uruz for physical strength and speed. They were gifted to me before I left…
Anyway, they’re my most valuable possessions.
But after everything that happened, I think I’m going to have to learn more about human firearms. Most of the fae haven’t bothered to pay attention to the human inventions of the last few centuries, military or otherwise. It turns out, a good pistol can be a fierce advantage.

2) You’ve traveled to many of the nine realms in your role as a messenger. Which is your favorite?

I really haven’t been to that many, yet. I was raised in the Upper Realm, in the glittering light of Curuthannor’s estate near Etsiramun. I’ve also visited the Human Realm, of course, and though your beaches are beautiful, the loss of magic is somehow heartbreaking. The Shadow Realm is too dark, but I love how the different races have begun to interact and participate. King Aradae has done a good job, in my opinion, of improving the relations across the different cultures. I’ve also been to the Winter Court, but I was only there for a few hours. It was cold.
So I guess, to answer your question, I would say that every realm has its good and bad, but my favorite location, the only place I’m truly able to relax, is in Lord Garamaen’s hall, here in the Human Realm. The walls of this estate hold a bit of magic, faerie creatures of all races are welcomed and respected — even the humans — and I don’t have to worry about court politics or maintaining appearances. I can just be.

3) What’s your number one tip for traveling the nine realms?

Always know where you’re going and do your best to blend in with the native population. I’m not always successful at this, myself, but I’ve found that the less conspicuous you are, the easier your path.

4) In the spirit of Halloween, what are some of the scariest monsters you’ve come across?

First of all, I reject the term ‘monster’. They are the fae, friendly or not. I’ll forgive the human terminology, but please use the appropriate term in the future.

That said, many of the fae would be considered scary, by your terms. Even the smallest, like the pixies, have a dangerous side. But if you’re going for pure physical intimidation, my friend Turant would rate high on the list. He’s a longma, and looks like a cross between a dragon and a horse. He has six flexible whiskers like the trunk of an elephant, spikes that run the length of his back and down his serpentine tail, and he can breathe fire. Bigger than a draft horse, I am unable to mount his back unassisted, and he’s not even fully grown. Some day soon, he’ll also be able to fly.
People clear out of his way pretty quickly.

5) Last, but not least, do you believe in ghosts?

Ghosts? No. Souls? Absolutely. The Daemon Realm is supposed to care for and guard the souls of those waiting to be reborn. I suppose, occasionally, they might escape their afterlife and return to the physical world to check on a loved one or attempt to snatch a body, but I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules. The Moirai would be quick to send out the reapers to reclaim the fugitive. The punishment wouldn’t be pleasant.

The Last Descendant

Megan Haskell

Dark Urban Fantasy
February 16, 2015

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A human woman trapped between two great faerie realms…

Trained as an elite fighter and educated in the ways of the elves, Nuriel "Rie" Lhéthannien has worked decades to be accepted into the High Court messenger service. It's a simple enough occupation, but in a realm where humans are treated as little better than slaves, it's a position she'll do anything to protect.
On a routine delivery in the Human Realm, Rie is attacked by assassins from the enemy Shadow Realm and framed as a traitor. Facing execution at the hand of an unmerciful king, she evades capture and crosses the portal into enemy lands to prove her innocence.
Surprising allies arise from the shadows, assisting her search and uncovering secrets she didn't know she kept. With the risk of discovery lurking at every turn, Rie must use every weapon in her arsenal to uncover the truth behind the attack. If she fails, death will be the least of her worries.
Featuring a lowly human out of her element, a dark elf prince with unnatural fire magic, a blood sidhe merchant’s son with ambitions beyond business, and a mischievous swarm of pixies, Sanyare: The Last Descendant is a fast paced modern faerie tale with epic themes and a new adult tone. Start your adventure across the nine realms today!

The first five chapters of Sanyare: The Last Descendant are available free at

About the Author
Legend has it, I was born with a book in my hands. When I was a kid, my mom would ground me from reading in order to get me to do my chores. To this day, I can readily ignore the real world in favor of the imaginary one lurking between the pages of my current addiction. My dad — also an avid reader — introduced me to Tolkien in my late elementary years, and I never looked back. I love escaping to worlds where magic and monsters are real, especially stories with kick-butt heroines and dangerously attractive heroes.
Despite my voracious book appetite, I didn’t start creative writing until I was working as a number cruncher in a big accounting firm. With an hour plus commute by train every day, and a demanding left-brain occupation, I needed a mobile creative outlet. A pen and paper are about as mobile as it gets! As the pages began to fill, I quickly moved onto a tiny laptop, and a writer was born. Now I get to create my own fantasies!
I currently live in Southern California with my wonderfully supportive husband, two daughters, and a ridiculously energetic dog.

Social Media Links
Email: meganphaskell [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: @meganphaskell


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  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Kimberly Leigh! I'll be checking in throughout the day, so if anyone has any questions for me or for Rie, feel free to ask!

  2. Turant sounds beautiful, not the least bit scary at all.

    1. I agree. He sounds adorable, but I've always had a thing for dragons :)

  3. Glad you think so, Alyn! I think he's pretty intimidating, but he's a softie underneath. :-)

  4. I love Rie. I highly recommend that you read her story.

  5. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.
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