Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: The Ugly Stepsister by Aya Ling

The Ugly Stepsister

Aya Ling

YA Fairy Tale Retelling
June 12, 2015

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When Kat accidentally rips apart an old picture book, she’s magically transported into the world of Cinderella–as Katriona, one of the ugly stepsisters! Life turns upside down now that she’s a highborn lady and must learn how to survive the social season, including how to get through the door in a huge metal hoop skirt. To get back, she’ll have to complete the story, right to the end of happily ever after. But the odds are huge: the other stepsister is drop-dead gorgeous, the fairy godmother is nowhere to be found, and the prince, despite being insanely hot, openly dislikes balls. Can she ever return to the modern world?

Review: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

There were so many things I really liked about this retelling. It's different with well-developed characters and an interesting story line. But about 1/3 of the way through I realized I wouldn't like the ending no matter what happened-- the author put herself between a rock and a hard place. What did I want to happen? Honestly, I'm not sure. The author ended the book in a way I didn't expect, but I think it was the right way. That doesn't mean I liked the ending...

I loved the characters in this novel. So many interesting people, with diverse personalities. It really made for interesting reading. The plot was different from other retellings which was a nice change. The twist toward the end was well-executed, as well as intriguing. Ms. Ling does a fine job immersing the reader in her fantasy world.

For the most part, the story is fast-paced, though there were lulls from time to time. Truth be told, I almost didn't finish reading once I realized where the author was taking the story. But I couldn't put it down and am glad I finished the story. I know a lot of readers will like the realistic ending, but I guess I just have enough realism in my life.

Overall: great characters, wonderful immersive descriptions, intriguing story line with a fun twist.


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