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Meet the Characters from Lies by Christina Benjamin + Giveaway

I am so excited to welcome author Christina Benjamin today! We met at the Author & Reader Con in NOLA last month. Lies, book 3 in The Geneva Project was just released this week.
Ready to meet the characters of The Geneva project?

I’d love to introduce you to three of the main characters in my YA fantasy series, The Geneva Project. Geneva, Nova and Remi are the first characters I developed when creating the series. They came naturally and I’m so attached to them. I try not to play favorites, but they’re definitely my character babies. The Geneva Project is an epic fantasy that takes place on a mythical island. There’s dozens of characters and animals. Below you’ll find a little info about 3 of my favorites, but to see more, check out my characters boards on my Pinterest page.

Geneva Sommers (aka Jane#65) - She’s the main character, heroine and driving force behind the series. Geneva is proof that great things come in small packages. One of my favorite Shakespeare quotes always comes to mind when talking about Geneva. “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” Geneva has grown up a deprived orphan on a flood ravaged island, yet somehow an entire childhood of being unloved and enslaved can’t break her spirit. This spunky blonde underdog has always had a thirst for knowledge and an encounter with a strange crush-worthy boy, Nova, reveals that her true identity may be part of a secret legend. When she pursues her friendship with Nova she starts to develop magic powers and her boring existence spirals out of control. Along the way, we’ll watch Geneva evolve from an gangly pre-teen with white-blonde curls and ice-blue eyes to someone readers can look up to and a strong role model in this coming-of-age tale.

Nova (aka John#18) - He’s the guy all the girls want to be with and all the guys wish they could be. Nova is crush-worthy boy that all the girls swoon over, sure, but this tall golden boy with emerald-green eyes has more than just looks. He’s got a brooding sensitive side from dealing with the fall out the Flood caused his family and he seems to know a great deal about the secret legend of Lux. Plus he has some pretty cool/scary magic powers of his own. He’s a natural born leader and everyone looks to him when things get hectic on their wild adventure. Geneva is drawn to Nova and he develops an immediate soft spot for her, but both of them are strong-willed and stubborn and can’t seem to get on the same page. Will their short tempers spark flames of a lasting relationship or will it burn out quickly?

Remi (aka John#26) - He’s Geneva’s go-to-guy, best friend, secret keeper and one who knows her best. Before Geneva’s secret got out and she caught the eye of a strange magic toting crowd, Remi was the only friend Geneva had. Both were outcasts at the orphanage and found shelter in an unlikely friendship. Remi is quiet, but that’s because his mind is sharp and he’s busy taking it all in. He’s extremely loyal and protective of Geneva. Remi’s not on board with Geneva’s new friends and that causes a rift that threatens their friendship. Can Remi make room for Geneva’s new destiny or will his inability to change cost him more than friendship?

The Geneva Project, book 3

Christina Benjamin

YA Urban Sci-Fi/Fantasy
September 1, 2015

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New release. Third book in the award-wining YA fantasy fiction series, The Geneva Project

Can you live a life of LIES? That’s exactly what Geneva finds herself doing to protect everyone she loves. While Geneva and her friends embark on a dangerous mission to fulfill her destiny, the dark forces that seek her powers are closing in, putting everyone she cares about at risk. Geneva must lie about who she is, what she knows and her true feelings. Are all these lies worth it or will she go too far and lose everything she’s been fighting for?

About the Author
Christina Benjamin is the Award-Winning Author of the Young Adult series The Geneva Project.
Her debut novel, Truth, has won multiple awards, including the 2014 FAPA Gold Medal for YA fiction.
Benjamin’s writing hooks fans of mega-hit YA fiction like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, and offers them a new series to obsess over.  She paints a vivid world, where magic and imagination run wild in her epic tale of adventure, courage and friendship.
Benjamin studied English at the University of Central Florida. She’s dedicated to giving back to the community and speaking at schools to inspire creativity in young writers.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me on your awesome blog and thanks for sharing The Geneva Project <3 This was such a fun guest post.

    1. My pleasure! Meet the Character posts are my favorites.


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