Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ollie the Orca by Laura Maw

Ollie the Orca
Bubba n' Buddies

Laura Maw
Artwork: Mike Motz

Children's Picture Book
October 2014

Come along and join Bubba the Bottlenose dolphin as he makes a new buddy while sharing a day they won't soon forget. Grade 1-2 Reading Level

Bubba is out on one of his undersea adventures when he finds a frightened Orca trapped by a fishing net! In this attention gripping yet comical tale, Bubba works with his buddy Sammy the Seagull to free Ollie. Come along and join Bubba the Bottlenose dolphin as he makes a new buddy while sharing a day they won't soon forget.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Ollie the Orca is a sweet story about new friends working together. The illustrations are adorable and will appeal to younger children. I liked the message of working together to help someone in need. While I noticed one mistake, I think most children will read right past it. I read the pdf version and was pleasantly surprised that the illustrations were so crisp even in ebook form.

About the Author

When Laura Maw was a child, her favorite activities were going to the ocean and picking out another stack of books from the library. She loved reading from a very young age and could never seem to satisfy her craving for another new adventure, another new imagination landscape. Writing is a passion that seemed to come naturally with her love of reading. She too wanted to be able to help someone through a bad day, or to have a unique and thrilling experience on a good day, through the written communication of a story. She has a very vivid imagination that often takes her on wondrous adventures in her dreams. In fact, the idea for Bubba’s Balloon came to her in the form of a very funny dream. She woke up laughing and felt that it was a story that must be shared with others. The character of Ollie was even developed through daydreaming about Bubba’s adventures.


  1. What a cute picture book! I love the cover so I can only imagine how well done the illustrations inside are. Thanks for showcasing this book—I think it's one my younger children might like. :)

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