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The Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon

Welcome to Ariella Moon, author of The Teen Wytche Saga!

Halloween Top Ten List Featuring the Characters From The Teen Wytche Saga

Evie O’Reilly’s Top Five Things To Do On Halloween

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Hay rides! Fields of plump pumpkins. I am so there!
2. Carve Jack O’Lanterns. This tradition totally came from the Irish, only they carved turnips because Ireland didn’t have pumpkins, and they placed a burning ember instead of a candle inside the turnip. Go Irish!
3. Trick or Treat. Okay, fourteen is pushing the envelope a little age-wise. Maybe I can tag along with Zh├╣ and his little sister. Or dress up Baby. No one can resist a cute dog in a costume. I just can’t let Baby have any chocolate, because it is deathly toxic to dogs.
4. Ask Jordan to the Halloween Dance. Because he has always been the one, despite our falling out. But first, I have to…
5. Stop Parvani From Casting a Binding Love Spell On Jordan. I sure hope Salem can help. Will help. I mean, she’s the school Goth, and everyone is afraid of her…including me.

Salem Miller’s Top Five Things To Do On Samhain (Halloween)

6. Create a Beloved Dead Altar. Use a black tablecloth. Include photos of loved ones (human and pets) that have died, and candles (preferably black), to light in their honor. Decorate with autumn flowers and leaves.
7. Concoct Hot Mulled Cider. Combine ½ cup brown sugar, 2 quarts apple cider, 1 tsp. whole allspice, 1 ½ tsp. whole cloves, 2 cinnamon sticks, and orange slices. Place spices in a tea strainer. Cover and cook on low setting.
8. Correct Everyone’s Pronunciation of “Samhain.” This Celtic festival name should be pronounced SOW-wen or SOW-ween. Also known as Halloween or Hallowmas. My ears bleed every time someone says, “SAM-hane.”
9. Perform an End Bad Habit Spell. Write down on a piece of paper a bad habit or problem that you wish to end. (I want to stop being so jealous of my sister, AKA “The Golden One.”) Recite: On this Samhain (or Halloween) night, Rid me of this baneful blight. Be gone (bad habit), from my sight. I welcome instead, love and light. Then, (with parental okay) burn the piece of paper. Make sure none of the burning ash escapes and burns down the neighborhood. The next morning, bury the cold ashes away from home. Be sneaky.
10. Prevent Parvani From Casting a Binding Love Spell On Jordan! Doesn’t Parvani understand karma??? 

***Whew, Salem, I hear you on #8. I get sick of people correcting my pronunciation of SOW-wen to tell me it's actually SAM-hane. Seriously it happens every year. ~Kimber***

Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon

Genre: Young Adult Sweet Paranormal Romance

Praise for The Teen Wytche Saga:

“Spell Check is a great story for the young adult or the young at heart. I enjoyed the vicarious experience of falling in love, dealing with secrets, and working out best friend issues.” ~ Long and Short Reviews

"A fantastic YA paranormal read, reminiscent of the film "Practical Magic"! Spell Struck combines quirky but fun teen characters dealing with new schools, romance, and family problems, with magic, and more serious topics like suicide and kidnapping."
 ~InD’tale Magazine, Crowned Heart review

“Edge of your seat? Check. Magic around every corner? Check. Teen angst? Check. Unputdownable? Definitely. Quick tip-make sure you read the first three books before starting Spell for Sophia. They provide a ton of great backstory and will make everything a lot more understandable, and without a doubt enhance your enjoyment of this book as well as the entire series.”
~Carra at Making It Happen blog

The Teen Wytche Saga Books by Ariella Moon:

Book One: Spell Check
Book Two: Spell Struck
Book Three: Spell Fire
Book Four: Spell For Sophia

Where friendship, first love, and magic collide. 

Series Summary

The Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon

Think magic will solve your problems?
Bring you love? Cure you? Protect you? Help you find someone who is lost?
Think again.

In The Teen Wytche Saga, a shape-shifting spell book upends the life of each girl who possesses it. Passed among a group of disparate teens, the rebellious book morphs into a new system of magic as it aligns or opposes the girl entrusted to safeguard it. The girls soon discover…

Magic tests friendships.
It hisses, chirps, stinks up the room, backfires, and explodes! Magic forces you to make tough decisions. Shatter limitations. Discover your true self.

And you thought navigating high school was tough.

Read how it all began…
Spell Check (The Teen Wytche Saga #1)

Two girls, one guy, and a spell book — what could possibly go wrong?


Bullies. A secret crush. A traitorous friend.

First year of high school isn’t supposed to be an emotional minefield. A photojournalist father isn’t supposed to die in war, and no one should cast a binding love spell on her best friend’s secret crush. And yet…

Halloween looms and so does the anniversary of Evie’s father’s death. She needs to pull herself together or she’ll lose her position as Yearbook Photo Editor. Even worse, Evie will lose Jordan, her secret crush, if she can’t stop her friend Parvani from casting a love spell on him. Despite a falling out, Evie never forgot Jordan. Now they are lab partners and the chemistry between them definitely sparks. Parvani possesses a brimstone-hissing spell book and plans to cast the spell by Halloween. To save Jordan, Evie must join forces with Salem, the school goth.

The clock is ticking. Can Evie get her mojo back in time to check this spell?

About ten minutes into class, while Mr. Esenberg wrote on the board, I heard Jordan slide his feet under my desk. My breath wedged in my throat as the tips of his size nine high-performance sneakers nudged the heels of my shoes. Could the girl in front of me hear my heart thudding? Should I move my feet forward?
My feet tingled and refused to move. A blush blazed across my cheeks. I struggled to pay attention to Mr. Esenberg without making eye contact. Forty minutes passed, the bell blared, and I had no idea what had transpired. Hopefully, my notes will make sense. I think I took notes.
Jordan slid his feet back and thudded his book closed. We both bent down and reached for our backpacks. His leaned against mine. Our hands brushed and our heads were so close I could smell his herbal shampoo.
Students walked past us. I’m sure some of them were talking to each other or flipping open their cell phones. But it all faded away along with the smell of chalk, highlighters, and sweat. Everything receded except the warmth of Jordan’s skin, his cinnamon gum-scented breath, and the heart-stopping rush sprinting up my arm.
We jerked apart. Seeing Parvani in the doorway looking hurt and shocked snapped my senses into hyper focus. Conversations sounded extra loud. Colors seemed too bright. It felt like a movie had started, full blast, in a hushed theater.
For more excerpts, or to purchase books in The Teen Wytche Saga:

About the Author

Ariella Moon draws upon her experiences as a shaman to create magical Young Adult fiction. The Teen Wytche Saga is a series of sweet contemporary paranormal romances. Her Two Realms Trilogy is a medieval Scotland and Fairy fantasy adventure series.

Ariella spent her childhood searching for a magical wardrobe that would transport her to Narnia. Extreme math anxiety and taller students that mistook her for a leaning post marred her youth. Despite these horrors, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at Davis. She lives a nearly normal life doting on her extraordinary daughter, two shamelessly spoiled dogs, and a media-shy dragon.

Ariella loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at:


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