Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Be Witched: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

Be Witched: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set of Witches and Magic

Publication date: May 3rd 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Limited Edition Paranormal Boxed Set
22 NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors.
22 of today’s most romantic, bewitching titles.
Yours for only $0.99.
Prepare to Be Witched with 22 tales of magical and mysterious Paranormal Romance. All one million words of this witchy romance boxed set will leave you spellbound, but this collection won’t last long. This limited edition omnibus is available for a limited time and packed with today’s NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling authors, bringing you nothing but the best of the best in the witch romance genre. With over 100 hours of reading, you’re paying a penny per sixty minutes of enjoyment. Grab this collection today before it’s gone for good!



Of all the walks of shames I’d traveled, this had to be the worst. Still, not many could say they’d had a night with a god. -The Pandora Principle by Noree Cosper

Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it's raining men. -The Sexy & The Undead by Charity Parkerson

His kiss was like soaring to the moon on a purple & silver magic carpet. Charmed & Dangerous, Debbie Herbert

Bad little dark witch. Be careful with your cocky attitude and disrespect. I'd hate to show you just what I'm capable of. Witchy – Susan Stec

Your parents’ really named you Paige Turner?” he asked with a smirk. - Black Magick by J.E. Taylor


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  1. Wow! This is a great set. It means many days of spellbinding reading!

    1. I agree. I absolutely love paranormal romance :)

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  2. this sounds like a great set thanks

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