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The Age of Amy by Bruce Edwards - Excerpt

This novel has an interesting premise.
Read the blurb and the excerpt, then tell me in the comments: Would you want a Jimmie? Scroll down for my response.

The Age of Amy
Behind the Fun Zone

Bruce Edwards

YA Fiction
July 1, 2015

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Are you a Jimmiehead, or are you still using one of those old-fashioned smartphones?

Jimmies are tiny microchips, that when painlessly implanted into your brain, magically transform your eyes and ears into the ultimate hands-free device. No more fumbling with fragile phones, loose earbuds, or clumsy controllers. Watch movies without looking at a screen. Take photos through your eyes. Text with your brain waves.

Everyone wants a Jimmie—except 16-year-old Amy, who detests technology in any form. But when thousands of teenage Jimmieheads mysteriously vanish, only she can save them. Immune to Jimmie's influence, Amy embarks on a quest to find the missing teens, ultimately revealing an ominous connection to a spooky, old amusement park that's been dark for 50 years!


Chapter 2

Handheld mobile devices would soon be obsolete. Anyone with a Jimmie knew that. Why fumble with an awkward contraption in your hand when you can carry a micro-version of the same thing in your head? Text without using a keypad. Listen to music without headphones. No more watching video on a wallet-sized display. Images appear right before your eyes, as if floating in space. Jimmie Vision also allows you to snap photos, or record HD video of anything your eyes see. Files are wirelessly uploaded to a massive cloud storage server, with one billion lotza-bytes of free space.

Getting a Jimmie is easy. Drop over to your local Jimmie Store and sign up for a two-year subscription. A gracious salesclerk then hands you a little blue box. Inside, on a small velvet pillow, rests a sugar-coated pill containing a teeny circuit board the size of a grain of rice. Take the pill with water, and it begins an amazing journey through your circulatory system. Thanks to micro-robotics, it finds its way to your brain and implants itself in the temporal lobe, where hearing, memory, and visual perception are controlled. After an hour or so, you’re part of a worldwide network of cutting-edge technology. And the best part: Jimmies are free, so long as you don’t mind viewing pop-up ads from time to time!

Unfortunately, like all “connected” devices, Jimmies were not immune to the dark side of mobile communications. Having your personal data flung to the far reaches of cyberspace was an ongoing problem. GPS satellites tracked your every move. Before the Jimmie, you could toss your cell phone in a drawer and go about your day without fear of being watched. Now, cyber-prowlers followed you day and night, and there was no way to escape their scrutiny. For sure, reading Jimmie Books without having to look at a screen is pretty awesome, but when I take home a printed library book, no one’s looking over my shoulder while I’m reading it.

Regardless, this was a product with coolness written all over it. In no time at all, it exploded into a global phenomenon.

About the Author

Award-winning author Bruce Edwards is a former Hollywood film animator, and brings the whimsy of a character artist to his stories. A music major in college, he is also an accomplished musician and composer. His other creative endeavors include a stint as a puppeteer and performing magic at Disneyland. Bruce's thought-provoking books for young adults are never short on fun, fantasy, and imagination.


Behind the Fun Zone

The idea of a Jimmie terrifies me on so many levels. I can just see the masses lining up to get one attached to their brains. So easy, even a baby could do it. I'm not afraid of technology, and sometimes I even like my iPhone. But this... it's just too much. It reminds me of Batman Forever, the one with Jim Carrey as the Riddler. His state of the art invention that could take thing out of peoples' minds in addition to putting things in was creepy. I think I'll keep my brain a tech-free zone.

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