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Family Heir by Sara M. Drake - Review

Family Heir
A Bigfoot Novel

Sara M. Drake

Urban Fantasy
May 30, 2014

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Kelley longed for a normal life – to go to college, to have normal friends, and to work a nice desk job. When an unknown predator starts a killing spree, she finds herself drug back into a world that includes vampires, werewolves, and her ex-husband. Kelley agrees to lead the small team to find the murderer – which consists of one uncommunicative ex-hubbie and an inexperienced federal agent. Only shots in the night prove that Kelley has become a target and her training as a Hunter does nothing to prepare her for being hunted.
My Review: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Family Heir is an urban fantasy that really wasn't anything like what I was expecting. It's less about hunting and more about supernatural politics, relationships, and discoveries. That said, once I shifted my mindset, I enjoyed the characters and the story.

There were so many things I liked about main character Kelley but some things I really disliked as well. She was young, college age, rebelling against the role her family was trying to force upon her. There were times when she seemed so deep and knowledgeable and others she seemed idiotic. By the end of the novel, she had resolved the main issue that bugged me, so I guess I can let it go.

Ex-husband Troy was an intriguing character. When he was first introduced, I didn't know what to think of him-- he was so odd. As the novel progressed and we learned his back story, I grew to really like him. Agent Brent is sweet, nice, and somewhat bland. What I liked the most about him was his loyalty and his open mind.

As you can tell from the title, this book is about Bigfoot (Bigfoots or Bigfeet). Learning about their society was interesting, if not strange. Ms. Drake has quite the imagination! I really liked the first half of the book-- it was fast-paced and full of action. Around the midpoint, everything changed and slowed down-- becoming more spiritual and politically based. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the story and would definitely pick up another book about these characters.

About the Author
Sara developed her book addiction as a young child. Her concerned parents attempted an intervention and cut off her supply. These desperate times called for desperate measures forcing her to write her own stories. Since a human being cannot live on books alone, she has worked as a stage hand, care giver, active duty Air Force, college instructor, mental health counselor, and civil servant on the theory that more pay equals more books. Outside of that, she spends time developing a reputation as a crazy cat lady and irritating introvert.


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