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Blog Tour: Troubled Spirits by Teri Lee - Excerpt & Character Interview

Hi, everyone! I'm getting an early start on the Halloween season, and this book caught my eye as a spooky read.
I love ghost stories!!

Troubled Spirits

Teri Lee

YA Paranormal
August 21, 2014
Black Rose Writing

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Annie Waters hates birthdays. At least she hates her birthday, because every year her mother retells the story of her grandmother's ghostly appearance in the delivery room. But if that wasn't bad enough, on her sixteenth birthday, she killed her dad.

Forced to move to Shady Cove, Maine, Annie is drawn deep into the world of the supernatural. Tormented by an angry spirit, she has only nine days to unravel the mystery of the Caldwell School or join the spirit world herself.


The ground trembled. And with a deafening boom, the school windows shattered. Shards of glass flew toward her. Behind her, Harmony screamed.
                And suddenly Drew was there, knocking her to the ground, shielding her with his body as glass pelted the ground around her. 
                The storm of glass stopped and Annie looked up into Drew’s eyes. “Are you okay?” he asked, standing to his feet.
                Annie pushed herself up into a sitting position. “I think so.”
                “Stay here,” Drew said, then dashed into the old school building.             
                “Annie…” Harmony’s voice was weak.
                Annie scrambled to her feet. Harmony was standing in front of the car, a piece of glass sticking out of her chest. Annie ran. Her feet moved, but Harmony seemed to be getting farther. And then, she watched in horror as Harmony looked down at the glass.
                “Don’t!” Annie screamed—too late—Harmony reached up. Her fingers wrapped around the glass and she pulled. She looked down at the glass in her hand as if wondering where it came from. A dark red blotch spread across her bright green hoodie. The evil-looking shard slipped from her hand and shattered on the pavement. Harmony dropped to her knees. Her eyes met Annie’s for a brief second, before she toppled forward.
                Annie reached her friend in time to catch her and lower her to the ground. “Somebody, help me,” she screamed. In the distance she heard voices. “Help!” she yelled again.
                Her fingers felt thick as she worked the zipper down and pulled Harmony’s sweatshirt open. Blood flowed from a deep gash just below Harmony’s left shoulder. Annie yanked her own sweatshirt off and pressed it against the wound. Harmony’s face was white. Her eyes were closed. “Talk to me,” Annie cried.
                Harmony’s eyelids fluttered open. “You okay?” Her voice was barely a whisper.
                Annie nodded. Tears streamed down her face.
                “I saw…” Harmony’s voice faded and her eyes closed.
                “Open your eyes!” Annie sobbed. “Please open your eyes.”
                Harmony didn’t move. The blood soaked through Annie’s sweatshirt.
               “Please don’t die,” Annie whispered. She pressed harder on the wound. She could feel the ghost behind her. She looked back at the old school building, expecting to see the swirling dark shadow. Empty windows stared back at her. 

Interview with main character Annie Waters

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
Well, I'm Annie. I'm sixteen. My mom and I just moved here from Florida. Everything is just so hard right now and I don't have anyone to blame but myself. If I'd just kept my mouth shut, none of this would be happening right now. But nope, not me. I always have to know everything, be the rational one with the answer. Rational...I don't even know what that is anymore. Nothing in my life feels rational now. But there are some good things--like my friends. Harmony, I would have been lost without her. Mike, Callie and now Logan - they've been the best friends a person can wish for. And Drew...  I have my fingers crossed that Drew will be more than a friend.

2.  Drew, tell me more about him?
Me and boys, well that's a mix that doesn't usually work. I usually blabber on about stupid nothingness and scare them away. But with Drew it's different. I feel like we're connected. I think he really understands what I'm going through. And he's not afraid of the ghost either. That's a good sign. Right? I mean if being terrorized and almost killed by an angry spirit doesn't scare him off, then maybe.... Anyways, I'm not telling anyone about him until I'm sure it's going to work out, that way I won't have to explain how I messed it up.

3. What do you do when you're angry or upset.
Well, I used to swim. I was on the swim team, back in Florida and we had a pool at the house and another one at the school. Whenever I was upset or angry I could just swim. When I dove into the pool it was like the water hid me from whatever  the world. I worked all kinds of problems out in my head while I was doing laps. And then when I finish swimming I would just roll over an float and it was like it all just slipped away. That was another thing that made it hard to move here, because it was winter. When I told Harmony, she brought me to the Y in Brunswick. That helped. And I read. A lot. That's the other thing I do when I'm stressed.  I read. It's really easy for me to lose myself in a story.

4. You like to read. What's your favorite book.
The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, for two reasons. First it's a story that I love to lose myself in. I can really picture myself in middle earth. And second because I really admire Bilbo. First because he dared to leave his home. I always admired  his courage before, but even more now. And next because when he did things he never thought he could do. Instead of just running and hiding when he was afraid, he fought back.  I'd like to be that brave.

About the Author

Growing up in Maine, Teri Lee spent most of her time reading and exploring in the woods. And that hasn’t changed. When she’s not writing, you’ll still find her lost in a book or out hiking. And if she’s not there, try the ER. But don’t worry, she’s the nurse, not the patient. Teri has three grown children and still resides in Maine with her husband. 



  1. I'm with you on this one, Kimber. The cover alone would make me pick it up. I love hauntings. Perfect timing for a spooktacular read.

    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I love this time of year anyway, but add in spooky paranormal reads and I'm in heaven!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting Troubled Spirits!


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