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Book Blitz: Because of Luke by F.X. Scully - Author Interview & Giveaway

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Because of Luke
by F.X. Scully
Lewiston Blues #1
Publication: February 28th, 2014
New Adult Contemporary Romance

Music, love and sibling rivalry…all Because of Luke.

Three years ago, Shannon was a wild child. Parties, boys. You name it, she did it. But she's changed and the only way to truly turn things around is to finish college and hop on a plane to…anywhere else. Until an unexpected encounter throws her off track.

Sheila’s been covering for her big sister for as long as she can remember. Now it’s her turn. But her rebellious plans don’t include small-town fun. She’s got her eye on something better—a group of budding rock stars and a summer-long tour.

In the middle of the sisters lands Luke, a determined college student who’s pretty sure he just met his soulmate. But loyalty to his big brother means leaving her behind to go on a three-month tour with his band. Desperate to get over the girl, he soon becomes entranced with the groupie who’s come along for the ride only to find he’ll have to make a tough choice—and not without breaking some hearts along the way.

Because of Luke is a bittersweet New Adult romance that begins in the Summer of 1991.

** This book contains profanity, alcohol and drug use, and explicit sex scenes. It is intended for individuals 18+ **

Welcome, F.X.! Because of Luke, the first installment of your new series, Lewiston Blues, is now released! How are you feeling?
Thanks! I’m so happy to share this story. It’s one of those ones that snuck up on me and kind of took over my life for a while there ;) I really hope readers enjoy it!

Describe Because of Luke in one sentence.
Music, love and sibling rivalry in the 90s.

Tell us about the romance—what can the readers expect?
Tell us about the romance—what can the readers expect?
Who were you in love with when you were 21? Do you still love them? Are you still with them?

In my 20s, I had some seriously passionate love affairs (cheesy as that may sound) but, at 34, I’m happily single. I look back on some of them fondly and some of them...not so much. But I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world, because they’ve made me who I am today. Okay...well, maybe one of them ;)

Because of Luke is a bittersweet romance that follows an intense love triangle between sisters, Shannon and Sheila, and the man that comes between them, Luke Black. As with most love triangles, you’ll find yourself picking a team, sympathizing with the one caught in the middle and demonizing the one getting in the way.

But it’s not all fairy tales and roses. The relationships and experiences are raw and real, which is why I’ve labeled it “bittersweet”. My stories focus on relationships as a whole, rather than just the beginning.

What was the most challenging part of writing Because of Luke?
The characters wouldn’t shut up! ;) This was originally supposed to be a prequel novella for another series. But as I kept writing, I realized it was a monster of a story on its own. So a new series was born. And I liked it better. It completely threw me off schedule, but I don’t regret it for a minute.

Your favorite line or scene from the book:
“For the first time in a long time, I know not just where I need to be, but where I want to be.” ~Luke

What inspired the idea behind the series and this installment?
Like I mentioned above, this was supposed to be a novella. I released Two Thousand 3 in November and was working on the follow up series, Emerald City. The first book, Blitz, is about a twenty-something year old want-to-be PI (cousin of the main character in Two Thousand 3) and a football player with family issues. The football player has a bitchy aunt named Sheila and I felt the need to explain why she is the way she is. So I traveled back to 1991 and Because of Luke was born—along with a new series, Lewiston Blues. Since Blitz would reveal huge spoilers, I decided to halt publication for the Emerald City series, until Lewiston Blues is complete.

How many installments do you plan on there being?
There are two more books in the series, Black Out and Black Rose. There is also a prequel I’m holding onto, Bibles, Boys & Beer. I plan to release that this summer.

As well, there is a companion series, the aforementioned Emerald City, that takes place in present day. It is also a New Adult series and there are two books, Blitz and Black Sheep.

More about you ...
What do you enjoy most about writing
Writing takes me away. I’m happiest when I’m doing it and I can’t imagine going a day without it. So mostly, I enjoy it.

What do I dread? Hmm…I have a huge fear of writer’s block. I’ve never had it, but the idea haunts me. There are times when I’ll only write half of what I usually do in a day and it freaks me out, but I usually make up for it later.

Besides writing, what other artistic talents do you have?
I could have been a hairdresser. It’s a natural talent I’ve had since I was a teenager. Instead of babysitting, it’s how I made money. But the idea of standing on my feet all day long didn’t appeal to me. I guess you could say I’m kind of lazy that way ;)

Are you currently writing another book?
I’m actually putting the finishing touches on Black Out. I didn’t want readers to have to wait too long. So the expected publication date for the second installment in the Lewiston Blues series is April 30, 2014.

Best piece of advice you've received and give to aspiring authors?
Keep it professional and treat it like the business it is. Get an editor, a beta reader, a promoter. You can’t do it all yourself. You’ll be burnt out and jaded before you know it. You’re the writer. Your job is to focus on the story and let the professionals do their jobs.

Flash Q&A ...
Current Obsession:
Ha, ha. Thanks to the book I just wrote, 1990s Grunge Bands.
Last thing you Googled:
“How to figure out page count with Scrivener”
You’re stressed. What’s the first thing you do or reach for?
Either I reach for my workout clothes or I take nap. I’m a fan of extremes ;)
You write best with __THE BLINDS CLOSED__ during __THE DAY__ and in your __LIVING ROOM__.
Inspiration hits, but you're not home or near your computer. You _____.
Thumb it out on my Android “Notes” app or make a voice recording
Best writing resource:
Google. I research every detail, every five minutes.
Guilty pleasure:
Pretty Little Liars. I mean, I hate it, but I just can’t look away.
Automatic buy-list authors:
I usually buy books based on recommendations and reviews.
Favorite New Adult Romance
That’s tough! The last one I gave 5 stars to was Bully by Penelope Douglas

F.X. Scully

Her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads

F.X. Scully loves romance, but she doesn't write your typical Happily Ever After. Because let's face it, in the real world, it can sometimes take a lot of angst and pain before you get there. And some of us never do. But since most of us pick up books to escape the real world, her stories don't lack hot boyfriends and sexy encounters. Neither will she leave you completely heart broken, sobbing into a tub of ice cream. Rest assured you'll be on a roller coaster, but you'll be glad you went along for the ride.

F.X. is the author of TWO THOUSAND 3 (November 2013) and BECAUSE OF LUKE (February 2014).

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