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Top Ten Favorite Mystery Authors by Ani Gonzalez, Author of Here Comes the Witch

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Welcome to my stop during the blog tour for Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez, organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 7 till 20 September. You can see the tour schedule here.

Hi, my name is Ani Gonzalez. I write paranormal romantic comedy and cozy mystery, and Kimber Leigh has kindly agreed to host the book tour for Here Comes the Witch, the first book in my Main Street Witches cozy mystery (with lots of romance) series.

I’ve been a mystery fan for a long time. As you might guess, I like cozies with humor, magic and tons of romance. I also love books with great settings and atmosphere.  My books, for example, are set in Banshee Creek, the Most Haunted Town in America. Needless to say, there’s plenty of atmosphere there. Here are my top ten mystery authors.

1. Agatha Christie—The Queen of Mystery tops the list, of course. Christie is best known for her sharp-eyed sleuths, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, but she has other sleuthing pros. My favorites are Tommy and Tuppence (a sharp-witted married duo), and Mr. Harley Quin (a mysterious gentleman with a penchant for magical mysteries

2. Dorothy Sayers – I love all of the Peter Whimsey mysteries. He’s a fantastic character and his romance with Harriet Vane is epic. Like, Christie, she is very good at creating an enthralling British setting.

3. Elizabeth Peters – Speaking of great characters, Amelia Peabody is smart, snarky and hilarious, and her romance with Radcliffe Emerson is one of the great pairings in the genre. Together, they’re fantastic. The books are all set in the Victorian Egyptology community and the atmosphere is extremely well done. You feel as if you are in Egypt, about to open up that cursed pyramid.

4. Sarah Caudwell –This is the one exception to my romance/magic rule. Caudwell’s British barrister mysteries have neither love nor magic, but they’re funny and smart.

5. Rosemary Edghill – Better known as a fantasy writer, Edghill wrote a fabulous series of Wiccan mysteries set in neo-Pagan Manhattan. I love this series (the omnibus is called Bell, Book, and Murder, which may be my favorite book title of all time).

6. Lindsey Davis – Her Marcus Didius Falco series is set in ancient Rome and it has an amazing atmostphere with lots of politics and intrigue. The center of the series, however, is Falco’s romance with aristocratic Helena.

7. Sharyn McCrumb – Her 1987 geeky mystery, Bimbos of the Death Sun, is very outdated now (No Internet? Floppy disks? Fan conventions without big name stars?), but it’s hilarious with a nice twist.

8. Heather Blake – Her Wishcraft Mysteries series has lots of humor and magic and a lovely enchanted village. The town is full of kooky characters all gossiping and fighting among themselves, which means there’s never a dull moment.

9. Madelyn Alt – I love the Bewitching Mysteries series. There’s magic, corpses and lots of family problems. The main character works in an antique shop, which is very interesting.

10. Bailey Cates – her Magical Bakery Series has everything I love and also magic cupcakes.
There it is, my top ten. Do you have a favorite mystery? If so, let me know in the comments.

Here Comes the WitchHere Comes The Witch (Main Street Witches #1)
by Ani Gonzalez

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 7 September, 2016

Jewelry designer Kat Ramos has come to Banshee Creek to break the famous Hagen House curse and, in order to do that, she must marry Liam Hagen. A vengeful ghost with a deadly history isn’t part of the deal, and neither is love. Will Kat be able to handle both? Or will the mystery of the cursed Hagen House remain unsolved?
You can find Here Comes The Witch on Goodreads

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Ani GonzalezAbout the Author:
I write paranormal romantic comedy and cozy mystery (whew, that's a mouthful!) set in Banshee Creek, Virginia, The Most Haunted Town in the USA. My books feature feisty funny heroines dealing with a host of paranormal critters (ghosts, cryptids, pagan gods...the sky's the limit) and mysteries. They find magic, love and laughter and readers get to follow them every step of the way.

I love quirky towns with spooky stories, and, thanks to my books, I get to "live" in one year-around. In real life I live in a Minneapolis suburb (which is sadly lacking in ghosts) with my husband and three children and I'm still trying to adjust to the cold.

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There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Here Comes the Witch. These are the prizes you can win:
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