Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kindle Scout Results

Well, it's all over, and I finally heard back with a rejection from Kindle Press. I don't know what criteria they ultimately use to decide on which books to publish and which to reject. But I do feel that I ran a great campaign and did everything I could to make it as successful as possible. I don't regret turning down the publishing contracts to take a shot with Kindle Scout, and I would make the same decision again.

I have to say that I'm rather proud of the stats Bitter Envy achieved. Also Kindle Scout will notify everyone who nominated it when it is published in a few weeks. I can see why some authors use Kindle Scout as part of their book release marketing.

So without further ado-- hours in Hot & Trending-- which are the top 20 books as formulated by some unknown Amazon algorithm:

673 out of 720 hours. Not bad at all. Along with approx 2.6K page views.

Pretty decent stats, huh! I'm pleased with myself, because it was a lot of work. Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign. Kindle Scout promised FREE copies of the book to everyone who nominated it had it been chosen. I am also offering that once it is released. Keep an eye out for more information!!


  1. i did receive teh notification that it wasn't selected...too sad but then you just made me smile by telling us that we would get to read it free still so thank you in advance and you did made a great campaign

    1. Thanks, Miki! I'm hoping to have it published in the next few weeks. Just doing a final proofreading, a few more beta readers, and formatting.

    2. take the time you need,there is no rush teh quality comes first ( and we can be patient^^)


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