Saturday, June 25, 2016


We've all felt it
All been there
Sometimes it feels like it steals away my breath
How does one go on when
Every breath is a chore
When even a casual comment
Means something else to the one who receives it
When tears blind us to sight
And reason is a lifetime or a light year away
Nights are the hardest
When we're alone with our thoughts
Of what could have been
If only

But wait
I am stronger than this
I will find myself in the darkest night
Pull through not only for myself but those lost in the dark with me
For I know that the sun will rise tomorrow
I will face the day with my head held high
You cannot bring me down
For I am made of sterner stuff
I will make a new world for myself and those who stand with me
A world where we can all be ourselves without fear
A better world where night is celebrated as a close to a beautiful day
When we open our hearts, love will follow

Love will always be stronger than hate
If we stand together then we are never truly alone
Stand with me, united in love and understanding
Living starts with a choice
Choose to live happily under your terms
Those who truly care for you will follow suit


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