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Interview with Sheena Snow, Author of Sparked

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Sheena Snow, author of Sparked. She is here to answer some questions about her novel and herself :)

Tell us about the main character. Who is Vienna?
Vienna is a character who doesn’t understand herself yet and part of that stems from her inability to understand her family and where she fits in with them. Book 1 is really Vienna’s self discovery, finding out who is she and who she wants to be. And then throw in the whole robot’s coming into the world aspect and falling in love with a robot. Her family forces her to question everything about herself and my world forces her to question everything she’s ever known about robots.

How did you come up with the idea for such an intriguing plot?
I had a dream about human-looking robot chasing me through a bookstore and he wanted to protect me but at the cost of becoming his girlfriend. I was like creeper! As the dream continued, I was continually attacked by others. Soon, I realized I didn’t really have any other choice but to take him up on his offer. So I did. And he protected me and turned out to be a nice guy-robot-human person thing. And then I woke up.

What are some interesting things you learned while writing/researching Sparked?
I think the most interesting is that we are not so far off from Vienna’s world as we probably think we are. In China, they made a human robot to greet people when they come inside the building. And I was omg!! That’s just like my book. View the link here:

If you could visit anyplace in the world (cost is no object), where would you go?
Finland. They have these glass igloos and you get to sleep under the stars and watch the northern lights in all their glory. It sounds absolutely amazing. And beautiful and wonderful!

What’s your favorite TV show or movie? Your Netflix addiction?
TV shows: Project Runway/Project Runway Jrs., The 100, Shannah, Ink Master, Vikings, Marco Polo, The Red Road (cancelled after season 2 L), The Secret Circle (cancelled after season 1L), Top Model (cancelled after season 22 L) Omg I hope no more of shows get cancelled lol

What’s your go to comfort food?
Chocolate and pasta. But not together though lol. Although, that might delicious lol

Where can readers find you online?
My website:

The Metal Bones Series

Sheena Snow

YA Light Sci-Fi
Soul Mate Publishing
December 16, 2015


They weren’t supposed to have feelings.

Metal will Clash

In a not-too-distance future, robots composed of metal for bones, electric cords for veins, and synthetics for skin are now available. For purchase. Eighteen-year-old Vienna Avery’s home is going to change forever, now that her mom purchased an Italian Chef Robot to cook and reside in their house.

Secrets will Unfold

The government claimed robots were indifferent, unthinking pieces of metal and elastic—assistance for the help of humans. Vienna never believed much of what the government said. The pieces didn’t always fit. And now Vienna knows why, because she’s uncovered the government’s secret: that robots have emotions, sucking Vienna into the underground world of feeling, thinking, and sovereign robots.

Sparks will Fly

Alec Cypher is everything a robot is not supposed to be: deep, dark, and dangerously human. And for some reason, he wants to save Vienna from the government’s prying, vindictive eyes. Going forward, Vienna will have to learn to trust robots and battle the growing feelings she never thought possible... feelings for the green-eyed, soul-searching robot named Alec.

About the Author

Sheena Snow, contrary to her name, lives in South Florida and has only seen snow once. But she would love for it to land on her eyelashes and sparkle in her hair. She loves painting, candle making, orchid shows, tattoo conventions, hockey games and library book sales! After college she landed a full time job but kept serving pizza on the weekends and writing stories about characters she wished really existed, characters who never gave up no matter the obstacles life threw at them. At the age of twenty-six, she sold her first book and bought her very first puppy, a wonderful Yorkie named Aladdin.

Contact Information


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