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Turning a Playboy into a Worthy Partner by Kristin Miller, Author of The Werewolf Wears Prada

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Kristin Miller, author of The Werewolf Wears Prada. I love it when a sexy playboy meets the woman of his dreams and reforms his wayward ways out of love. Kristin Miller shares her thoughts on reforming a playboy.

Turning a Playboy into a Worthy Partner

by Kristin Miller

When reading romance, you might notice the “playboy archetype” is everywhere. These heroes are sexy, and know they are. They’re popular and flirtatious, ruggedly masculine, and maybe a little rough around the edges. The seem to blow off responsibility in favor of partying, and are usually sexually untamed until the heroine comes along. Even though a small part of you may think they exhibit douchebag qualities, the other part of you can’t help but love them.

Okay, okay, I may be talking for myself here. But I can’t be the only one.
I happen to love to write them as much as I love to read them.
In THE WEREWOLF WEARS PRADA, Hayden Dean is an unapologetic playboy. He’s also a werewolf—the heir apparent to the San Francisco Wolf Pack. Well, once he settles down, that is.

Melina Rae Rosenthal—a non-shifter and journalist—is tasked to improve his image for her latest article. If she can do that, she’ll earn the job of her dreams: a place at Eclipse, the world’s leading high fashion magazine.

But how do you turn a playboy into a worthy hero?

Let me tell you, I Googled “Playboy Image Improvement” until my eyes blurred. I found more articles on “How to be a Playboy” and “How to Land a Woman by being a Playboy” more than anything else.

This is a brief summary what I found…

Playboys (or bad boys), put their needs first. They think of themselves first and foremost. They’re assertive, and vocal about their likes and dislikes. They never ask for approval. From anyone, to do anything. They don’t sweat the little things. They give off a relaxed vibe, as if nothing bothers them. If something hurts them, they laugh it off. They’re physically fit. A playboy knows what he wants, and isn’t ashamed to ask for it.

The deeper I researched, the more my opinion changed.

I don’t want a playboy at all.

I want a reformed playboy. He should exhibit all of those qualities until he meets the heroine—the one he’s fated to be with.

Looking at the snapshot of playboy qualities I mentioned above, it was easy to know what my hero needed to do to improve his image. Rather than think about his needs first and foremost, he needed to donate time to charity. Work hard for his company, taking on extra projects to lessen the load on his co-workers. While being vocal about his likes and dislikes, he also needed to learn to listen to others’ thoughts and feelings. Rather than swallow down his feelings, he needed to learn to express them in acceptable ways. (No denial, projection or deflection.)

Playboys and bad boys may give off a relaxed vibe, as if nothing bothers them, but when they find the woman they’re supposed to be with, they should lose their cool when she’s threatened. This final aspect is one Hayden learned without Melina’s plan for image improvement. Once she’s put in danger, he’s willing to do anything to protect her.

He may’ve wanted to improve his image, but he didn’t expect for his world to flip head over end. By the end, he lives and breathes to make Melina happy.
And that one quality, right there, is what turns a playboy into a worthy hero.

The Werewolf Wears Prada

San Francisco Wolf Pack, Book One

Kristin Miller

Paranormal Romance
Entangled Covet
April 28, 2015

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Falling in love bites...

Melina Rosenthal worships at the altar of all things fashion. Her dream is to work for the crème de la crème fashion magazine, Eclipse, and she'll do much anything to get there. Even fixing up the image of a gorgeous, sexy public figure who's all playboy, all the time. Even if he's the guy who broke her heart a year ago...

Even if Hayden Dean is a werewolf.

Since his father's death, Hayden's the heir apparent to the San Francisco Wolf Pack-well, once he settles down. Hayden isn't interested in giving up his partying ways, except he's pretty sure he's found his fated mate, and the fact that she's a non-shifter is bad news. Now he must find a compromise between the traditions of his wolf world and his certainty that Melina is his...before fate (or another werewolf) bites them both in the butt.

About the Author 

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Kristin Miller writes sweet and sassy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance of all varieties. Kristin has degrees in psychology, English, and education, and taught high school and middle school English before crossing over to a career in writing. She lives in Northern California with her alpha male husband and their two children. She loves chocolate way more than she should and the gym less. You can usually find her in the corner of a coffee shop, laptop in front of her and mocha in hand, using the guests around her as fuel for her next book.

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