Friday, March 13, 2015

Maiden by C.L. Marin - Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm so pleased that C.L. Marin is with us today to share a bit about her new paranormal romance, Maiden!

Thank you for letting me speak today about my debut novel, MAIDEN. This is the last day of my blog tour so let’s dig a little deeper into its pages.

Tara is like a lot of kids today—growing up without a dad or at least a dad who plays an active roll in her life. She feels like she’s not “good enough” for him to love, and if she was just “better” maybe he could. Maybe he’d never want to be without her. Sorry to all of you reading’ll just have to purchase MAIDEN to find out how Tara’s relationship with her father works out, but I want to tell every young man and woman that DNA DOES NOT MAKE A DAD!

Something I think about while I’m putting my poor characters through hell is; what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Tara struggles but she must learn from every painful hardship. So should you. And, hey, at least you’re not fighting Stygian Imps along the way! Don’t let the actions of another human being—or witch—who calls himself your dad, define you. Rise above it. Besides, just think of the advantage you’ll have over the other survivors of the apocalypse. People will turn to YOU for direction because you’re a survivor—a warrior—you’ll eat cold beans from a can by a dumpster-fire a call it fillet mignon! Sorry…I got a little carried away.

I’m not someone who has an absentee father. My dad has been in my life, married to my mom, since I breathed my first breath. I have, however, seen the effects it can have on the most innocent of people. Take a lesson from Tara, and whether you make amends with the guy or not, grow and be strong, and know you are a brilliant person, not in spite of, but because of the life experiences you have.


C.L. Marin

YA Paranormal Romance
Evernight Teen
March 6, 2015

Evernight Teen | Amazon | ARe | B&N

Tara secretly wished her estranged father would want her around, so when he unexpectedly contacted her, she agreed to get reacquainted. That wish turned into a nightmare. She learned that she is an Authentic Witch—the Maiden of the Moodus Coven—and the key to obliterating the black magic Haddam coven. 

Tara’s mother took her into hiding when she was small in order to keep her alive but the Haddam’s found her. Now Tara must trust the help she’s found in her three close friends, one mystifying new love, and a father she barely knows as she fights for the life of her mother using a power she doesn’t yet understand.

And one of those trusts might cost Tara her life.

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