Sunday, November 30, 2014

Encore: Top Ten Silly Holiday Things

Because I just can't get enough of Joey dancing
with a turkey on his head.

I'm So Thankful for These Top Ten
Silly Holiday Things
(In no particular order-- they are all equally silly)

Hershey Kisses/Miniatures/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in holiday wrapping
Because they just don't taste quite as good in their normal wrappers

Black Friday shopping starting at the beginning of November
Christmas in July is seriously only a few years away

Another semi-formal office Christmas party
Because the holidays are always the time when one wants to slip into that skintight, slinky dress that fit fine before Thanksgiving

My holiday ribbon cookies that everyone seems to love so much that they always ask me to bring them to every party I attend
I love nothing more than the three+ hours it takes to make these little devils... well maybe the five minutes it takes everyone to scarf them down. If anyone else says "you should have made more" I'll be the one dancing with a turkey on my head

My husband's special holiday punch-- the alcoholic variety
Nothing livens up a dull party like my husband's holiday punch made with Bacardi 151. That ho-hum Christmas block party suddenly generates delicious book plots for me to use in the coming year

The friends/family who love to experiment with holiday dinners
You know the ones-- it looked great on TV or in a magazine so they have to try it when twenty people are coming for dinner. It's invariably a disaster worth talking about for weeks to come

Holiday shopping with friends
Watching them whip together the perfect decor along with the perfect gifts for everyone makes me feel all warm and cozy... it's happiness, not envy-- I swear

Unofficial holiday home decoration contests
By the time Christmas rolls around, my entire neighborhood is lit up bright as day since everyone keeps adding to their decorations in an attempt to outshine everyone else

Beautiful blown glass ornaments
Whether they are heirloom or not, these tree ornaments are gorgeous and so special... until the cat picks the glass ornament out of fifty (non-breakable) others and knocks it to the floor creating a rather spectacular mess. It's also fun finding the cat nesting in the top branches of the tree and all of the ornaments on the floor

Endless holiday emails
Nothing makes one feel more special than the amount of email received. It's so glorious to open my email in the morning to find it tripled due to the holiday season. I feel like a celebrity

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

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